Local survey reveals greatest/worst hairstyles of all time

Survey reveals hair dos that make you sexy, smart, marriage material
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(PR NewsChannel) / May 7, 2013 / MINNEAPOLIS 
great clips great hear survey

great clips great hear survey

Women, big perm hair may have made you a hit at the Disco in the ‘70s but it’s a big DON’T today. For men, keep the cereal bowl for breakfast, not as a hairstyle and stick to the Caesar on your salad- not on your head. The results are just in for the Great Clips Greatest Hairstyles of all Time survey and the winners are:

The GREATEST Hairstyle of All Time for Women:

Both sexes agreed and most often ranked these styles in the top 3

#1) Medium Layers (79%) - the #1 cut of all time came from our famous FRIEND, Rachel.

#2) Long, Straight Hair (69%)

#3) Bangs (45%)


The GREATEST Hairstyle of All Time for Men:

Both sexes agreed and most often ranked these styles in the top 3

#1) Bed Head (72%) – The best cut for men comes from that teenage boy band whose rise to stardom has been One Direction – straight to the top!

#2) Side Part (60%)

#3) Hockey Hair (53%)

Great Clips Inc., the world’s largest hair salon brand, conducted the survey with 319 Americans to introduce the Great Stuff Program. Get your hair cut at a Great Clips in our area and sign up for the Great Stuff program for coupons, deals and special offers. Text GREAT to 4738 (Canadian residents text GREAT to 7777) or visit GREAT CLIPS. Great Clips will send you $2 off your next haircut via email or text if you sign up through May 31, 2013. 

So what dos are a definite DON’T? The survey reveals:


The WORST Hairstyle of All Time for Women:

Both sexes agreed and most often ranked these styles as the worst 3

#1) Perm (60%)

#2) Feathered (56%)

#3) Asymmetrical (54%)

For men, the bowl cut went out with Moe of the 3 Stooges. The survey shows:


The WORST Hairstyle of ALL Time for Men:

Both sexes agreed and most often ranked these styles as the worst 3

#1) Bowl Cut (63%)

#2) Caesar (57%)

#3) Faux Hawk (45%)

The survey also shows:

  • Both      men and women have had 3      – 5 hairstyles in their lifetime.
  • Most      folks chose a hairstyle based on the shape of their face (66%) and      maintenance (62%).       More than 1 out of 3 people (38%)      base their hairstyle on what their significant other finds attractive. Men      are more concerned with their significant other’s opinion (47%) over women      (31%).
  • Men      and women both overwhelmingly agree they would not break up with someone      over a bad haircut (Men 89%, Women 94%).
  • Both      sexes also agree they would have the guts to tell their significant other      he/she would look better with a different haircut or style (Men 78%,      Women 93%).

The Short Story on Length

If you’re debating long or short – men should cut, women should grow and both sexes should play it straight.

  • Men find women more attractive with long hair (74%). Plus, when asked to describe the top qualities of a      woman with long hair, most men ranked #1 SEXY      (78%), #2 FUN (60%), #3 YOUNG (54%), and #4 WIFE MATERIAL (37%).
  • Women find men more attractive with short hair      (75%). When asked to describe the top      three qualities of a man with long hair, most women ranked and #1      UNPROFESSIONAL (54%), #2 ADVENTUROUS /OUTDOORSY (44%), #3 YOUNG       (41%), SEXY NEXT TO LAST19%.
  • Curly      or Straight? Both sexes agree men      (88%) and women (80%) are taken more seriously with straight hair.
  • If      you want to aggravate your parents or better yet, the in-laws, both sexes      agree the hairstyle      for men that would most aggravate parents is the Faux Hawk (71%) and for      women, the Asymmetrical (77%).

At Great Clips, we know the right haircut can make you look and feel great. No matter what style fits you, Great Clips-trained stylists stay up on all the Great Stuff going on in the hair industry so they are ready to give you the cut you want,” says Rhoda Olsen, CEO of Great Clips, the world’s largest hair salon brand with 3,300 salons across the U.S. and Canada and one in our area.  “We are celebrating our great customers with our Great Stuff program and want everyone to sign up for deals that will save them money to spend on themselves.”

While you can sign up for Great Stuff anytime, the Great Stuff special $2 off haircut only runs through May 31, 2013.

* Editor’s Note:

* Please cite Great Clips Great Stuff program as the source for this survey.

* This online survey was done by a third party and commissioned by Great Clips.  

* Survey participants have no affiliation with Great Clips.

* The survey included 319 respondents, 167 women and 152 men.

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