Try these 5 content marketing ideas using press releases

Here are some ways to get out your information, your way... FAST
(PR NewsChannel) / June 28, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

PRNewsChannel_logo_URL-300x300-9113b155b781137db5c2a90ad6cc5334907e9a9fSo you want to engage in a content marketing strategy that’s executed using press releases.

It can be tough to come up with ideas for content marketing. Here are some ideas from PR NewsChannel, the press release newswire and content syndicator, that may help spark some thoughts for press releases to kickstart your content marketing strategy.

1. Ride the news wave
Every day comes another news story. Do an Internet search on topics that are related to your company. If you’re a dry cleaner, maybe there’s a new study on how often consumers take their clothes to the cleaner, what types of clothes and how much consumers spend on the service. If you are a local dry cleaner, you can distribute a press release highlighting the study that includes comments from you and your company. Make sure you search engine optimize the press release with key word phrases that will bring web surfers to you, i.e. “best cleaner in [city]” or “[city] cleaner.” And then distribute the press release. Companies large and small do this all the time on PR NewsChannel. Do that, you will have integrated your company into a significant story in your industry that could attract customers!

2. Be the expert on an issue
Are you a mental health counselor? Perhaps you live in Austin, Texas and you specialize in mental health illnesses and what triggers shootings. Following the Orlando shootings, you create and send a press release as your content marketing and interject yourself into the conversation as an expert to opine on the shooter’s psychological state, how to look for warning signs or how to deal with grief for the families of the victims.

3. Take a stand on a issue
There is no shortage of issues. If you are an expert in your field, take a position and get it out there! Work your opinion into an issue, and use a press release to disseminate as a form of content marketing. This is great for a 501(c)4, political candidates or advocacy organizations.

4. Promote a white paper or infographic
If you have a white paper or a infographic, don’t just post it on your website and hope people see it. You can use a press release to tout it, to get it more attention. Plus use the press release a form a content marketing. The white paper or infographic provides a good reason to send a PR NewsChannel release. If you don’t have a white paper, create one just for this purpose.

5. Promote a video, by embedding it in a press release
Like the promotion of a white paper, a video you produce can be embedded in a PR NewsChannel release and that press release becomes a piece of content marketing.

If you have something newsworthy that even goes beyond content marketing, you may want to send the press release to reporters as well.

To send a press release online to be used as a form of content marketing, please visit the PR NewsChannel Online Shop.

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