Political scandal? Caught on tape, San Diego police investigate theft of David Alvarez for Mayor political signs (VIDEO)

Suspect seen stealing at least three political signs connected to the San Diego mayor's race and police want to know who's behind it
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(PR NewsChannel) / February 6, 2014 / SAN DIEGO 
Video posted on YouTube shows David Alvarez for Mayor signs being stolen. Police are investigating.

Video posted on YouTube shows David Alvarez for Mayor signs being stolen, along with a shot of the suspect and license plate. Police are investigating.

With just days until the special election in the race for San Diego mayor, police want to know who’s behind the brazen theft of “David Alvarez for Mayor” political signs.

Police have some leads on this one as the crime was caught on tape by a witness.

Michael Russell posted the video on YouTube under the headline “Kevin Faulconer Thugs steal David Alvarez Signs in dead of night.”

Kevin Faulconer is locked in a close race with David Alvarez in the race for mayor. Polls are showing a photo finish.

Russell video taped a white Ford F-150 pickup with what appear to be stolen signs in the bed, at least three political signs and what Russell describes on tape as a “bunch of lawn signs.”

(Watch YouTube video)

He narrates what he sees.

“Definitely busted,” Russell is heard saying on tape.

He confronts the man.

“Who are you, what are you doing,” Russell asks. “Why are you taking down David Alvarez signs?”

Russell tells the man that he recorded the theft on videotape and plans to report the crime. The man, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, doesn’t reply but gives Russell a thumbs up. 

All of this went down near the trolley station on Friars Road.

The tape shows the theft unfolding along with a quick image of the suspect himself and even a couple shots of a California license plate hanging on the pickup.

Russell reported the crime to the San Diego police department.

According to the police report, Russell told police that he saw a man he described as clean shaven, short hair and light skin with the stolen signs. 

(Download sign theft police report)

According to the police report, Russell “was at the trolley station on Friars Rd when he saw the listed suspect steal three political signs. Russell video taped the crime as it unfolded. The signs say, “Dave Alvarez for Mayor.”

The police report references the existence of a video. But says it has no suspects.

“The question is whether the Faulconer campaign is behind this,” says a political insider. “If he is, and they are willing to do this to stoop to this to win, he’s got real trouble.”

So far no word from the Faulconer campaign. Election day is Tuesday. 

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SOURCE:  Californians for a Better Today

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