Crowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico discusses secret to crowdfunding success: pre-launch organization

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(PR NewsChannel) / February 26, 2013 / TAMPA, Fla. 

ClickStartMeCrowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico, the CEO of, recently discussed why crowdfunding projects succeed.  Almerico noted that one key element to every successful crowdfunding project is planning and organization before the project is launched.  Almerico has released five steps every person or business should take before they launch their online crowdfunding project.

1.        Thoroughly think your project and rewards through. Look at other similar successful crowdfunding projects and see what they did. Learn from their successes, and use them as inspiration.  Have your friends and family review what you plan to do and get their input.  Make sure you have a compelling story, something people will care about, and rewards that people will want.

2.        List and define your network.  If you do not have a network of people before you try to crowdfund your project, chances are it is not going to be successful. Crowdfunding projects are not like the baseball field in “Field of Dreams.” Just because you build it, do not expect that people will come and give you money. You must promote your project to your friends, family, co-workers, social media networks and everyone you know, for it to be successful.
Before you launch, go through your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, e-mail lists, phone contacts, and anyone else you know.  List them all, and categorize them so you can market to them appropriately. Your pitch to a family member will be different than your pitch to a person you barely know on Facebook.

3.        Define your core and get them ready to donate and help on Day One.  Before you start, list the people you can trust to help you promote your project, and who will also contribute without question. These people are your “core.”  Make sure they know what you expect of them before you launch, and make sure they donate to your project on Day One to give you momentum. Be sure they have whatever they need to be able to promote your project for you.

4.        Research blogs, media and other sources of publicity.  Get the names and contact information for bloggers who might write about your project, and reporters or others who might be willing to provide you with media coverage.  Write a short e-mail, or a press release, and have it ready to deliver to them on the day you launch.

5.        Write your posts, tweets, and e-mails and create a schedule to follow.  Before you launch, you should write every Facebook post, every Tweet and every e-mail you plan to send to each segment of your network.  Create a schedule so that every day of your crowdfunding project, you know exactly what to post, tweet or send.  Having this step out of the way before you start allows you to focus on the things that occur during the project, like media attention, requests from donors, and getting rewards out.

Crowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico is the CEO of, the upstart crowdfunding site that “puts the fun in crowdfunding” and is a JOBS Act expert.  For more information or to schedule an interview with Kendall Almerico, e-mail [email protected] or call 813.410.4658.

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