Suspense novel highlights real-world issue of human trafficking

Ernie Hasler’s fictional tale about two kidnapped children and their fight for freedom aims to bring awareness to a real issue in today’s world in “The Lost Children of the World”

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"The Lost Children of the World"

"The Lost Children of the World" by Ernie Hasler

In his book “The Lost Children of the World” (ISBN 1477457372), Ernie Hasler creates a chilling crime novel that depicts the evils in today’s world. The story begins in the hills of Sarajevo in 1992. The conflict in the Balkan region rages on, and two siblings, Nico and Maria, have been swept up by the unrest and captured by human traffickers. Separated against their will, the two siblings are forced to take uncertain steps in their new lives.

The children’s captor presides over a corporation that enlists prostitution, drug running and human trafficking as the main sources of revenue. The crime lord, Szirtes, is inspired by a prophecy of his distant ancestor, Attila the Hun, as his eye is to spread his villainous empire world-wide.
Maria begins her new life as a head chef at the Harold Szirtes Hotel, one of the many enterprises run by the ruthless crime lord. Her brother is 40 kilometers away at the Szirtes’ country estate, the House of Attila, where his jobs range from a forester to the estate boiler man when his predecessor is brutally murdered.

With age on their side and the natural fortitude to lead them through their constant struggle, Nico and Maria hold strong as readers share in their hope that one day, they will be able to escape their oppressed lives and return to their homeland. Hasler’s inspiration for this suspense fiction was his desire to bring attention to an aspect of the world that still plagues cultures today.

“Children and women of the world are exploited by ruthless and evil men, who are often supported and justified by male-dominated religious dogma,” says Hasler. “‘The Lost Children of the World’ tries to depict these evil forces and perpetrators and contrast them with the innocent victims.”

“The Lost Children of the World” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Ernie Hasler recently retired at the age of 67 as a health and safety advisor. Over the course of his career, his work included an involvement with trade unions from the time of his first apprenticeship at 16 at the Ministry of Defence’s Royal Ordnance in Bishopton. His long career allowed him to witness historic changes, including the introduction of The Health and Safety at Work Act in 1974, while also living through tragedies, including an explosion in 1960 that left eight co-workers dead. Hasler has spent a large amount of his life advocating for environmental awareness. He is a trustee of Emmaus Glasgow, which supports a community of formerly homeless individuals trying to run their own business.

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