Man discovers magic of life journey in new introspective novel on love, life, being human

Amar learns to appreciate the beauty of life as he travels from Mumbai to Chicago and takes stock of his life's failures and successes in Vijay Baldev Mehra’s “The Journey…and the Voice, the Signal and the Noise”

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"The Journey...and the Voice, the Signal and the Noise"

"The Journey...and the Voice, the Signal and the Noise" by Vijay Baldev Mehra

Amar was used to flying around the world. As an international corporate executive, he had a roster of frequent flier miles that would be the envy of any multinational businessman. But on what should be a routine flight from Mumbai to Chicago, his journey turns into a personal saga where Amar reminisces over key failures and successes in his life. In the process he learns to appreciate life to its fullest, for all its beauty, for all its promise and all its imperfections.  In Vijay Baldev Mehra’s debut novel, “The Journey…and the Voice, The Signal and the Noise” (ISBN 1468036297), the reader will accompany Amar on the backward-looking journey through his life. Through the lens of Amar’s life, the reader will get insights into the beauty of his or her own life, for all its ups and downs, all its successes and failures and all its imperfections.

As the jetliner settles into cruising altitude, Amar begins to zone in and out of scenes from his childhood, adolescence and the early years of what will later be his highly successful career. At 40,000 feet above sea level, Amar begins to listen to the voice emanating from somewhere deep within his being and its unshakable wisdom. He develops insights into his life and into the magic of the universe by listening to the voice.    

Though he has written a work of fiction, Mehra draws on his wide-ranging career as a Chief Information Officer and management consultant for multinational corporations. The author sneaks in snippets of knowledge from the corporate world, such as supply chain, management consulting and information technology, to bear on his unique view of the universe.

Yet this is a book that speaks to corporate strivers and romantics alike. Mixing the spirituality of Deepak Chopra with the traveling wisdom of books like “Eat, Pray, Love,” this new novel will appeal to anyone who has longed to transform their mundane commute into a personal journey. Mehra believes it will help the reader live the journey of his or her own life with renewed vigor. 

“Mixing musings on love, life and philosophy with my knowledge of corporate business, this travelogue will help readers feel warmer, bigger and a little more whole,” Mehra says.

“The Journey…and the Voice, the Signal and the Noise” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Over the course of two decades, Vijay Baldev Mehra has worked in six countries including the United States and India as a senior executive, management consultant and CIO. He was the CIO & director of information technology for Cairn India and the Global CIO for the Essar Group, both multinational multi-billion-dollar corporations.  He has also worked for renowned companies in Chicago, Mumbai and Singapore, including McKinsey & Company, Motorola and CSC Consulting. After a long career, Mehra is writing creative fiction that blends human spirituality and philosophy with his insights from working with the corporate elite. Mehra divides his time between Mumbai and Chicago.  

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