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How to use content to drive book sales and publicity

(PR NewsChannel) / June 25, 2012 / TAMPA, Fla. 

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Book marketing can be affordable and effective.

Book promotion and do it yourself (DIY) book publicity are more popular than ever as authors gravitate toward self publishers and partnership publisher arrangements, trending shows.

So what’s the best way to go about book promotion to obtain affordable book publicity? The goal is to sell books, right? 

Book promotion and book publicity can be challenging and expensive, but it does not need to be, say experts.

On demand and partnership publishing arrangements have become very popular.  Self publishing companies abound on the Internet.  And while publishing a book may be affordable, the big expense comes in marketing the title. 

The ‘New York Times’ quoted a survey showing that 81 percent of people feel that they have a story worth a book and say they want to write a book.  If every one of those people did so, that would be a lot of books.

Reviews of self-published books already appear in Publishers Weekly (  and elsewhere.  Those books may even be stocked by traditional booksellers like Barnes & Noble ( or other brick and mortar bookstores.  

The biggest criticism of self publishing by authors is book publicity and the costs that can be involved.  

There are at least a dozen self publishers to choose from. And the tendency is to stay in house for all the services from editing to marketing.

“It should not cost more than $1,000 to send a press release on a second tier newswire or nearly $2,000 for a press release campaign,” says Steve Schmidt, a now retired marketing executive from a publishing company.  “It’s crazy. But new authors buy into it and spend more money on marketing than they will ever make on a book.”

Schmidt suggests authors watch out for self publishing companies that overcharge for marketing. He says for some companies it’s where they make the most money on an author.

On the other hand, press release newswires like PR NewsChannel ( has experience working with authors of all levels.  The company charges under $700 for writing and distributing a press release.  Schmidt says what he likes about the service is that PR NewsChannel will write the press release not only for journalists to read but makes it search engine friendly using key words for marketing directly to consumers who’d be buying the book.

“We have become well-known in this space and we work with a tremendous number of authors–both established and new,” says Tyler Ragghianti from PR NewsChannel ( “We also work with publishers on behalf of authors so we have the know-how and experience from all sides.”

Marketing is critical to selling books.  It’s vital that new self-published authors stay rooted in reality and keep their budgets in check, Schmidt says.  He says there are many really solid self publishing ocmpanies that don’t charge crazy rates.  He suggests that authors ask a lot of questions before spending a fortune marketing a book.

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