Book blames justice system for unjust verdict in California murder trials

Brooks W. Wilson revisits controversial verdict in a high profile murder case in “The Newport Harbor Murders Revisited: The Criminal Justice System Found Guilty”

(PR NewsChannel) / January 25, 2012 / RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. 

The Newport Harbor Murders Revisited

"The Newport Harbor Murders Revisited" by Brooks W. Wilson

“The Newport Harbor Murders Revisited: The Criminal Justice System Found Guilty” (ISBN 146801370X) by Brooks W. Wilson shows the miscarriage of justice in the case against Louise Overell and Bud Gollum in the murders of Overell’s parents, Walter and Beulah Overell, as well as in other cases throughout America. He uses examples like the trials of Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson to demonstrate the United States’ flawed justice system.

Wilson analyzes the investigation and trial of Overell and Gollum, who purchased dynamite the day before an explosion on the Overells’ boat killed both of her parents. He shows what their lives were like pre-trial and post-trial to give an accurate description of how the injustices of some are unfortunately not surprising.

“The adversarial system has morphed into a system where guilty persons are given a 50 percent chance of acquittal,” Wilson says. “I was reminded of my reaction to this case as I read of the verdict in the Casey Anthony case.”

Overell and Gollum were acquitted for the murder of Overell’s parents in 1947. Wilson says acquittals like this, paired with the Michael Jackson and Robert Blake verdicts, show a weakness in the criminal justice system.

Wilson follows the relationship of Overell and Gollum from before the murder, through their time in jail, through the trial and even shows their lives after the trial in “The Newport Harbor Murders Revisited.” As someone who followed the case as a teenager, Wilson believes his book delves deeper than others on this particular case due to his prior knowledge and experience as a police officer.

“The Newport Harbor Murders Revisited: The Criminal Justice System Found Guilty” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Brooks W. Wilson has an associate’s in police science, a bachelor’s in economics and a master’s in public administration. He worked for 25 years in law enforcement, administration, investigation and research. He has had several reports published by the state of California.

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