In new science fiction novel, deadly STD alters foundations of society

As the world faces apocalypse, survivors of a virus believe they are angels as they receive a newfound ability to manipulate light in “Broken Angels” by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

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"Broken Angels"

"Broken Angels" by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

In “Broken Angels” (ISBN 1475005415), Harambee K. Grey-Sun blends contemporary fantasy and urban science fiction in a new and daring mix. Most of the world is on the brink of total financial collapse, and many believe the apocalypse will soon follow. A strange, deadly and physics-defying sexually transmitted disease has emerged and threatens to alter society forever. 

The White Fire Virus kills most of its victims, submerging their bodies in an onslaught of parasites. Yet those able to survive find themselves endowed with the supernatural ability to manipulate photons, the basic particles of light. Most of these survivors call themselves angels, and many on Earth believe them.

As society falls to pieces, an elite unit called the Watchers is tasked with recovering a growing number of missing children in the Washington area. The novel follows the exploits of Watcher agents Robert Goldner and Darryl Ridley, two White Fire Virus survivors who use their superpowers to different ends.  Darryl tells others he is an angel and uses his exalted status to seduce women and men. He then uses his hypnotic powers to make them hate sex. Meanwhile, Robert is sick of the angel hysteria and wants no part of what he regards as a growing societal illusion. 

Together, the agents must work to find a teenage girl who is possibly caught up with a sadistic gang of virus carriers who work to commit magical acts of terror. Using their powers of light manipulation, this gang seeks to rip open inter-dimensional portals in order to rend the fabric of the universe. Trapped inside this conspiracy, the men must fend off magic incantations, bizarre creatures and fantastic realms from beyond space and time.

Mixing the supernatural with a keen awareness of how politics and society operate, Grey-Sun has created a sci-fi thriller that reads like a mix of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” and the television show “Fringe.” “Broken Angels” is an intelligent science fiction that posits outlandish scenarios to encourage readers to think through mankind’s ultimate place in the universe.

“Broken Angels” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Harambee K. Grey-Sun is a former religion columnist for Our Times newspaper of Evansville, Ind. His poetry has appeared in CrossConnect, The South Carolina Review, and Wisconsin Review. His poetry book, “The Black Ball,” was published in 2003, and this is his first novel. 

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