Report: MTA blocking contractors from bidding on Crenshaw Line project

With recent Crenshaw Line controversy, MTA continues string of confounding Metro Rail decisions
(PR NewsChannel) / June 24, 2013 / BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.  

Beverly Hills Unified School DistrictIn a shocking turn of events, the Crenshaw Subway Coalition has uncovered startling new evidence that proves the Metropolitan Transit Authority has stood in the way of the Crenshaw Boulevard tunnel and Leimert Park Village station from day one.

Citing MTA sources, the Crenshaw Subway Coalition’s report claims that three of the four finalists for the $1.3 billion construction contract has requested to build a Crenshaw Line project with a tunnel spanning the entirety of Crenshaw Blvd, including the final 11 blocks being routed underground.

MTA staff, specifically CEO Art Leahy refused the engineering firms requests. Additionally, the report states that at least one of the finalists proposed a build that included both the Leimert Park Village station and the Park Mesa Heights tunnel and remained under budget.

“Metro has continued to demonstrate that the public’s best interests aren’t at the heart of their decision making process,” said Lisa Korbatov, Beverly Hills Unified School Board member. “By denying the publicly supported Crenshaw Blvd tunnel and standing behind faulty data regarding the Constellation Boulevard stop, Metro has clearly shown that something else is driving their decisions.”

So far, MTA has stood behind their decision to build a station on Constellation Blvd that would route a line directly under Beverly Hills High School.

During a May 23rd MTA Board meeting, the body finally approved an amendment to their budget that adds a Leimert Park station to the Crenshaw-LAX Line by a 10-1 vote.

“Even though the MTA has finally approved the Leimert Park Village station, it’s disturbing to see that they didn’t stand behind a measure that is so widely supported by the people,” said Jake Manaster, BHUSD’s Board of Education President. “Seeing the uphill battle that the Crenshaw Subway Coalition has fought only serves to demonstrate how hard we need to fight to protect our school.”

Citing scientific research claiming unsafe faults under the school and on Santa Monica Boulevard, MTA has gone against widespread public support to not build under the historic Beverly Hills High School.

Blindsided by MTA’s decision, the Beverly Hills Unified School District commissioned acclaimed researchers to investigate the matter. Backed by the California Geological Survey, the BHUSD’s research effectively refuted MTA’s scientific basis for deeming the school unsafe and routing the line the way they did.

Faced with incontrovertible scientific evidence against them, the MTA has continued to stand behind their initial findings.

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