New novel finds Civil War general transported to present day on eve of battle

“Marse Robert: Temptations and Redemptions of Robert E. Lee” by Douglas Stephens offers an alternative account of the Confederate leader’s life and motivations
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Marse Robert

"Marse Robert" by Douglas Stephens

“Marse Robert: Temptations and Redemptions of Robert E. Lee” (ISBN 1441468080), a novel by Douglas Stephens, describes a fictional time-traveling journey made by the famed Southern general on the eve of the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Lee is astonished to find himself in the present day, where he meets the equally baffled John Buford. The two soon find themselves in a discussion that moves from wonder at the unlikely journey to revelations about Lee’s personal history. He recounts several tales to the amazed Buford, including the story of a romance he had in Texas before the war. The two discuss the conflict in which Lee finds himself embroiled, which Buford knows he is destined to lose. The pair confronts the potential far-reaching impact of their interaction across the ages.

“One can often better understand his own time and place when he is removed from it,” says Stephens. “The novel finds Lee at a critical crossroads, reconsidering his life in his tales to another.”

Lee and his forces lost the critical battle of Gettysburg, which adds dramatic weight to the conversation between him and Buford. Aimed at readers of all ages who enjoy a good tale of alternative history or are interested in the history of the Civil War, the novel balances in-depth historical detail with strong character development and entertaining dialogue.

“Marse Robert: Temptations and Redemptions of Robert E. Lee” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Douglas Stephens was born and raised in West Branch, Mich. After studying architecture he earned his license in 1974 and was a founding partner of Hull Stephens and Associates less than a decade later. He still serves as the firm’s president. Stephens also currently serves as chairman of the Planning Commission of the town where he lives and as a member of both the Zoning Board of Appeals and Construction Board of Appeals. He has a variety of interests, including writing and reading, particularly historical novels about the American Civil War and ancient cultures such as Egypt and Rome. Stephens and his wife Ellen reside in Swartz Creek, Mich. and have two grown children and two grandchildren.

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