Controversial new book relates liberals to young children

After close analysis, conservative Anthony Sebastiano concludes his partisan opponents use childlike arguments in “The Child Inside a Liberal”
(PR NewsChannel) / June 20, 2012 / SOUTH RIDING, Va. 

"The Child Inside a Liberal"

"The Child Inside a Liberal" by Anthony Sebastiano

In “The Child Inside a Liberal” (ISBN 147019189X), Anthony Sebastiano attempts to show how liberal partisans’ childlike mentality generates  their illogical arguments.

“Instead of articulating reasoned arguments and citing facts or examples, liberals tend to become overly excited, sometimes to the point of displaying sadness or hostility,” says Sebastiano. “It is my contention that liberals display this type of behavior because they are actually children trapped inside adult bodies.”

Provocative and controversial, “The Child Inside a Liberal” is sure to ruffle feathers and heat up arguments. Sebastiano believes that liberal ideology arises out of a stunted worldview in which grown adults refuse to accept accountability and the harsh realities of life.

“Generally, liberals only give two choices, create more laws/regulations or dole out more public money, all at the expense of individual liberty,” says Sebastiano. “Liberals have a distorted, grandiose view of their importance to correcting the ills of the world.”

Beyond criticizing liberals, he explains his conservative worldview. Rather than welfare or government support, he feels that by making people compete in the free market, they will learn valuable job skills, take on increased personal responsibilities and ultimately, expand the economy. Sebastiano says liberals are trying to destroy individual liberty and freedoms many Americans take for granted, all in the name of fairness and equality. Using anecdotes and real-life case examples, Sebastiano seeks to demolish his opponent’s arguments.

“The Child Inside a Liberal” is a political book released in an edgy political year. Rather than playing it safe, Sebastiano takes off his gloves and describes liberals just as he sees them. This book will be fuel for conservatives, bitter fodder for liberals and a provocative read for everybody else on the political spectrum.

“The Child Inside a Liberal” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Born and raised in Jamestown, N.Y., Anthony Sebastiano served in the Navy as both an officer and an enlisted man. During his eight years of service, he received several military decorations including the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. He earned a bachelor’s in political science from the State University of New York, College at Fredonia, and a master’s in political science from the American Military University. As a certified pistol instructor through the National Rifle Association, Sebastiano fully supports and promotes the Second Amendment by teaching others how to  use handguns safely and responsibly. He makes his home in Northern Virginia with his wife Kimberly.  

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