Youngest child of nine writes mother’s biography to demonstrate impact she had on friends, family

Joseph McCray describes how his mother overcame alcoholism and financial burdens in “Pushing On: Wonderful Stories about the Life of Josephine Jordan”

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"Pushing On: Wonderful Stories abou the life of Josephine Jordan"

"Pushing On: Wonderful Stories abou the life of Josephine Jordan" by Joseph McCray

In his book “Pushing On: Wonderful Stories about the Life of Josephine Jordan” (ISBN 1467931748), Joseph McCray gives readers a glimpse into his mother’s life by sharing a collection of stories showing a wise and wonderful woman who had a profound impact on whomever she encountered.

 Josephine Jordan grew up in North Carolina and Maryland. She started her family at 18 and suffered from alcoholism for years before turning her life over to Christ. Her discipline methods, encouraging words and strength deeply affected her children.

Josephine’s life obstacles are used to show how an individual can overcome anything if one perseveres and isn’t afraid of anything. McCray displays the seriousness of raising a family for more than half a century and the sometimes burdening toll it took on Josephine.

When his mother succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2004, McCray and his siblings decided to impart Josephine’s inspiring life and insight to others. McCray used this book as a coping mechanism to deal with her passing.

“It’s honoring the love for my mom who I thought was an amazing woman,” McCray says. “She was so determined to overcome any obstacle in her life and she was a guiding light to so many people. I felt the world should know her story.”

McCray believes readers will come away with words that apply to their life and says the humor and inspiration his mother had is her legacy. As readers progress through the book, they will come to know how and why Josephine was able to shape many lives, and how her memory will carry on her legacy.

“Pushing On: Wonderful Stories about the Life of Josephine Jordan” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Joseph McCray is a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse who speaks about drug addictions, mental illness, HIV and AIDS in his hometown of Baltimore. He has helped thousands of people fight against drug addictions using his mother’s ability to overcome alcoholism as an example. McCray continues to encourage and teach countless individuals using his mother’s words as inspiration: “You can make it, if you want to.”

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