New cell phone product automatically eliminates texting while driving distraction

Through its unique plug-in devices and free app on the Android market, the anti-texting Quiet Zone also stops annoying phone calls
(PR NewsChannel) / May 23, 2013 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Quiet ZoneAn anti-texting and potentially life-saving product will soon hit the market, and it promises to help eliminate cell phone distractions from our daily lives, especially in the car.

“With texting and driving becoming the number one reason for teen deaths, it’s important to remove the distraction whenever possible,” said Brandon Butts, president of Quiet Zone. “I’m pleased to say that our product allows parents to sleep a little easier at night.”

Through a small device that plugs into the car or into the wall, Quiet Zone automatically adjusts users’ smartphones to appropriate settings whenever they are in range of the device, once they download the free smartphone app.

The Quiet Zone Drive device, and its wall-mounted counterpart Quiet Zone Hush, uses non-invasive, wireless connections to restrict the smartphones’ ability to ring in quiet areas and makes texting while driving nearly impossible.

Disabling texting and other unnecessary driving disruptions, Quiet Zone Drive allows users to devote their full attention to driving while removing the risk of texting while driving.

Simple and able to install in minutes, the anti-texting device automatically eliminates texting options when users start their Quiet Zone-equipped automobile and restores full function once the car is turned off.

Further disabling the ability to access email, Facebook and other social media applications, the anti-texting app reduces many phone-based interruptions for drivers.

The app also features parental control features for families with teenage drivers that will notify parents when the Quiet Zone has been disabled or if the teen has removed the app from the phone.

“The device and mobile app aren’t going to completely eliminate the distraction, but it will force most drivers to simply wait until they have arrived at their destination in order to respond,” said Butts.

Not limited to strictly automobiles, Quiet Zone has also developed a device that can be utilized in public venues such as churches, movie theaters and other locations where silence is appreciated. With Quiet Zone Hush, Android users with the Quiet Zone app will experience altered settings on their phone when they are in the range of the device. The Quiet Zone Hush device automatically makes temporary adjustments to sound settings, screen-brightness and more depending on which parameters are set.

While currently unavailable on Apple’s iTunes Store, the free app is available on Android’s Google Play.  The texting while driving inhibitor, Quiet Zone Drive only has a range of a few meters, but the building model, Quiet Zone Hush, has a range of 100 meters.  Once users are out of range, their phone’s settings will return to normal.

The Quiet Zone Drive device will be retail ready in 8 to 10 weeks, with Quiet Zone Hush devices available later this month. Both devices come with a 1 year warranty and are currently scheduled to be sold on the Quiet Zone website.

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About Quiet Zone: Eliminating the dangerous distraction of texting while driving as well as unwanted noise in areas where silence is appreciated, Quiet Zone is an automatic smartphone silencing system. A call to action, Quiet Zone realizes that smartphones have become the most invasive distraction of our time. With everyone becoming more and more connected to technology, we are becoming increasingly disconnected from the most important things in life. Quiet Zone reminds users to be in the moment, to put down their smartphones when it really matters, and to give full attention to their surroundings. Whether users are in a meeting, attending church or driving to work, they can be assured that Quiet Zone will conveniently minimize unnecessary disturbances when they need it most.

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