Dedicated husband creates fibromyalgia support group after wife’s life-altering diagnosis

John Obenchain establishes the Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias (AAAFMS) to give a voice and offer support to those whose lives have been touched by fibromyalgia

(PR NewsChannel) / March 6, 2012 / NEW YORK 

AAAMS - Fibromyalgia support groupWhen John Obenchain walked into his first day on the job at Merck & Company, Inc. in Rahway, N.J. on August 28, 1995, he never expected to meet the love of his life. Nor did he expect the tumultuous path that lay ahead for him and his future family. Falling in love and marrying Sandra Otto was like a dream; they traveled across the world and enjoyed high-thrill adventures.

But, in July 2001, everything the happy couple had built was about to come tumbling down. After having their first child Sandra started to suffer from persistent pain.  She also couldn’t shake her recurring fatigue, and struggled to stay awake even at work.

Over the next eight years, the Obenchains would go through thousands of dollars and travel to doctors’ offices across the country before a diagnosis would shed some light on the darkest period of their lives. Sandra was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia on June 11, 2009.

Life with fibromyalgia has not been easy for John Obenchain’s family. Sandra makes frequent trips to the hospital and when at home, she spends most of her time in bed. She lives in constant pain and takes numerous daily medications, which all seem to be increasingly ineffective. Determined to do all that he could, John turned to the internet to get help dealing with fibromyalgia.

“After Sandra’s diagnosis, I had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the condition and I saw a lot of confusion and lost souls,” Obenchain says. “It seemed to me that everyone involved, not just those with fibromyalgia and their caregivers, but doctors and lawyers too, were like ships drifting aimlessly on a dark and unfamiliar sea.”

Obenchain wanted to provide a theoretical lighthouse for fellow families affected by fibromyalgia so he created an open forum where individuals can share their stories, offer advice and ask questions about the life-debilitating disease. Obenchain hopes that all involved with fibromyalgia, including doctors, pharmaceutical companies, medical journals, health care institutions and government policy makers will use the resource to learn as much as possible about the relatively unknown disease. 

“I want the Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias to serve as a global support network for those touched by fibromyalgia,” Obenchain says. “Here, doctors can connect with patients, caregivers with other caregivers, pharmaceutical companies with their customers and lawyers with their clients.”

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About John Obenchain and the Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias: John Obenchain has been married to his wife Sandra for over 11 years. Together, they have faced her fibromyalgia diagnosis head on. As primary caregiver and head of the household, Obenchain has seen just how drastically fibromyalgia not only affects the patient, but the entire family. He started the Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias (AAAFMS) to help with fibromyalgia as well as help caregivers, families, friends, doctors, government policy makers and health care professionals. The free, open forum allows participants to ask questions, offer advice, share stories, and find comfort from others who may be going through similar situations with fibromyalgia. Obenchain, who has a master’s in business administration, has worked in the global pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years and is a professional public speaker registered with the National Speakers Association (NSA).

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