Book questions onset of Armageddon, readiness of world

Pep Noggle blends multicultural theologies in “Toussaint’s Blue Water” to demonstrate if the world is primed for an event of earth-shattering, apocalyptic proportions
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(PR NewsChannel) / January 4, 2012 / OAK HARBOR, Ohio 

Toussaint's Blue Water

"Toussaint's Blue Water" by Pep Noggle

In “Toussaint’s Blue Water” (ISBN 1453729712), author Pep Noggle addresses the possibility of Armageddon while questioning the preparedness of people across the world.

Joe “Blue” Water is the chief of police in Toussaint, Ohio. Residents think of him as a legendary figure, but being a humble man, he disregards these claims and praises. Along with Nathan Swift, a state trooper, Joe does his best to protect and serve his citizens.

Everything in Toussaint seems to be going well until a dangerously beautiful woman named Avaricious arrives in town. When a strange male follows hot on her heels, the town is victim to cataclysmic events that have apocalyptic consequences. With his reputation preceding him, it’s not long before Joe is asked to be the savior the citizens of Toussaint believe he is.

While Noggle infuses religious symbolism and imagery into his work, he is not preachy or heavy-handed in making his point.  He simply wants all of his readers, believers and non-believers, to understand the power of doing good and the effect it can have on your life. 

During the week of Thanksgiving 2010, Noggle was holding hands with death. Through the love and faith of his family and the brilliant medical care that he received from the surgical team at Temple University Hospital, he survived. This confirmed for him what he always believed; that God is alive and angels are all around us. Noggle drew heavily from this experience while creating his characters, whose beliefs are tested through catastrophic trials.

Noggle hopes that with the constant attention that the topic of religion receives, his book will inspire interest from all sides of the argument.  

“Toussaint’s Blue Water” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Pep Noggle holds no theological credentials.  His writing is based on his own experiences and the faith that has carried him through life.  If he had the answer to the bottom line of what is best for mankind, he would freely give it.  In the meantime, he notes that he will continue to pray and persist in believing that, with our own actions, the end of human suffering is possible. 

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