Children’s book follows crazy adventure of two crime-solving Chihuahuas

“The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown” by Rhoda Canter brings environmental awareness and life lessons to young readers while still entertaining them

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"The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown" by Rhoda Canter

“The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown” by Rhoda Canter

For centuries, dogs have been the beloved pets of people all over the world. They are man’s best friend, another part of the family and a constant source of unconditional love, joy and entertainment. But in the children’s book “The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown” (ISBN 1477406174) by Rhoda Canter, two pet Chihuahuas named Bennett and Lola will take on a new role.

To their owner Cora Howder, they are simply pets. But really, Bennett and Lola go by the names Chief Inspector Brown and Sergeant Starfoot when they are acting like dog detectives. While visiting their beach house in Bald Head Island, S.C., they meet a mockingbird named Moc who introduces them to all of the wildlife on the island, including their neighbor, a dog named Jug.

With their new friends by their side, they learn of a plan by Jug’s owners to illegally trade turtle eggs. While on their hunt, they meet a mother loggerhead turtle named Big Mama who is making a nest. In order to save their new friend, the three dogs and mockingbird must stop the turtle traffickers. However, the problem-solving pups may run into more trouble than they bargain for. 

“‘The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown’ combines entertainment with environmental facts and life lessons to create an enjoyable yet educational reading experience,” says Canter.

Kirkus Reviews says, “Its adorable but not cutesy tone and the wittily distinctive voices of its animal characters make it a good candidate for dog-loving parents and children to read together.” It was also well received by ForeWord Clarion Reviews: “This book takes an authentic issue and wraps it in a nicely woven story that doesn’t talk down to children.”

Inspired by her Chihuahuas and daughters, Canter wanted to create a heartwarming and inspiring children’s book that taught powerful lessons to young readers. Through “The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown,” she hopes to show that even the smallest of creatures, whether they are animals or humans, can take on evil forces and win, if they work creatively with friends. This is the first book in the “Starfoot and Brown” series. Two more books are planned, and Canter is currently working on book two.

“The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Rhoda Canter earned her bachelor’s in English at Wellesley College and her master’s in accounting from Georgetown University. As a certified public accountant, she went on to become a partner in management consulting at various firms, including Arthur Young and Grant Thornton. Canter has since returned to her love of writing books. She splits her time between Bald Head Island, N.C., and the greater Washington area with her husband, with whom she has two daughters.

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