Teen marriage, complicated by disability, weathers all of life’s storms

In “Hillary’s Story: A Story of Selflessness, Commitment, and Unconditional Love,” Christine Harrod Walker shares the story of Hillary and Brandon who married when they were 19, despite her husband’s devastating impairment

(PR NewsChannel) / July 19, 2012 / PLEASANT VIEW, Utah  

Hillary's Story

"Hillary's Story" by Christine Harrod Walker

In “Hillary’s Story: A Story of Selflessness, Commitment, and Unconditional Love” (ISBN 1475102348), Christine Harrod Walker shares the unlikely love story of a couple who made the ultimate commitment at a young age. At Utah State University in the early 1990s, Hillary and Brandon met on the “intranet,” the small, localized message boards that preceded the Internet.

As a young man, Brandon used the intranet to soothe his loneliness, posting pleas to meet a young woman who might look past his disability which kept him from having full use of his arms and legs. Due to his condition, he attended college while living at home.

Nonetheless, Hillary and Brandon formed a deep and mutual bond, falling in love before even setting eyes on one another. When they did meet, their passion for each other only amplified. Against her parents’ wishes, Hillary converted to Brandon’s Mormon faith before marrying him and becoming his wife and caretaker. Their love was as improbable as it was life-giving; few with Brandon’s condition survive past childhood. In contrast, Brandon just recently celebrated his 36th birthday, giving thanks for another year and continuing to work hard at his own business with which he supports his wife. 

While many love stories exist about a couple overcoming one spouse’s sudden injury or accidental disability, in “Hillary’s Story,” we hear from people who pursue a lifelong marriage knowing full well Brandon’s mobility will only decrease as he ages. The couple banks on their rock-solid commitment to overcome all obstacles. Brandon and Hillary’s tale is a true one Walker came to know firsthand when she moved to a small Utah town some years ago.

“After hearing their love story, I knew it was a story that I needed to write. Being the incurably romantic person that I am, I believe that love will prevail,” says Walker. “Theirs is a story of love, hope and faith. We all need a dose of that!”

“Hillary’s Story: A Story of Selflessness, Commitment, and Unconditional Love” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Christine Harrod Walker was raised in Indianapolis. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State College and a master’s from Doane College. She taught elementary school for two decades in Nebraska.  Married, she has one son and a daughter-in-law. She currently divides her time between Utah and Indiana.

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