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According to online reports from colleges and universities around the nation as well as a recent national report about residence hall needs, students are continuing to live on campus well beyond their sophomore year. With students increasingly living on campus, purchasing quality extra-long twin sheets has become paramount., an online retailer specializing in extra-long twin sheets, guarantees its bedding through graduation.

The 2012 “Living on Campus” report published by College Planning & Management discovered that increases in numbers of students living on 209 campuses in 45 states exceed decreases.

  • 31% of the institutions that responded to its survey noted an increase in students residing on campus
  • 3% of the institutions have housing surpluses, while 43% are experiencing shortages
  • 62% of the institutions polled are renovating or upgrading housing facilities.
  • Nearly 75% of the institutions surveyed actively market their on-campus housing

The days of linoleum floors, bunk beds and gang bathrooms are long gone at most schools. On-campus housing are offering student suites including kitchenettes, extra bathrooms, carpeting and access to luxuries including cable television and Internet service.

In addition to vigorous marketing, reasons for the housing crunch at many schools include:

  • Enrollment increasing overall
  • More freshmen choosing, or being compelled by college rules, to live on campus their first year
  • Undergraduates deciding to live on campus well beyond freshman year
  • Upperclassmen and graduate students selecting on-campus housing for cost savings
  • International and out-of-state students enrolling in increasing numbers.

In Virginia, the University of Richmond has a housing shortage due to its class of 2013, many of whom have chosen to live on campus for their entire stay at the school, according to the university’s independent student newspaper, The Collegian.

With the increasing trend of living on-campus comes the increased demand for twin extra-long (Twin XL) bedding, the standard on-campus bed size.

One popular online retailer,, reports that it will guarantee its bedding for four years. With its guaranteed through graduation promise, students can rest assured they won’t need to go through the hassle of purchasing more twin extra-long bedding.

“Students used to make do with hand-me-downs for a year and throw them away. Now, students are thinking longer term and want to invest in higher quality,” says CEO Josh Pribyl.

He says’s bedding sets are higher quality as opposed to big box retailers who only sell twin extra-long seasonally that won’t last all four years.

“Our Ivy Union brand extra-long twin comforters have nearly twice as much filling, better fabric and better construction,” he said. “Our bedding sets ship for free and they are available for a low price.”’s Top 5 Dorm Shopping Checklist

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Josh Pribyl, CEO

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