Woman’s testimonial offers courage to people who have suffered great loss

Jo Ann Brumit, with co-author Lindsey Townsend, shares many of her life’s worst ordeals, including her daughter’s suicide, in “Letting Go: Surviving and Thriving Through Life's Greatest Trials”

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"Letting Go: Surviving and Thriving Through Life's Greatest Trials"

"Letting Go: Surviving and Thriving Through Life's Greatest Trials" by Jo Ann Brumit and Lindsey Townsend

In “Letting Go: Surviving and Thriving Through Life’s Greatest Trials” (ISBN 0615620264), author Jo Ann Brumit and co-author Lindsey Townsend have created a powerful Christian memoir that examines the trials of Brumit’s remarkable life. She intends for her testament to provide courage and inspiration to anyone struggling to overcome great loss in their own life.

Brumit doesn’t shy away from discussing the most painful episodes of her own life. She talks about the devastating loss of her daughter to suicide and reflects on how she was finally able to let go of her overpowering guilt, grief and despair. By sharing her own life, Brumit wants to show readers the hope, faith and persistence they will need to find peace in their own lives, particularly when death and loss have inflicted great wounds.

In addition to Brumit’s story, “Letting Go” includes several profiles of other people who have faced great loss. Beyond their narrative, the author looks to these peoples’ lives to find the emotional strategies and spiritual resources that allowed them to survive great loss. The ultimate message of “Letting Go” is that loss is part of life. Though it is often placed out of sight and repressed in our culture, Brumit believes that loss must be addressed, confronted and ultimately relinquished for someone to begin living a healthy life again.

“It reminds the reader that while we may not always understand God’s plan and cannot always control what happens, we can always control our attitude,” says Brumit. “We need to have faith that there is something to be gained and learned from every loss.”

This book will appeal to readers struggling with fear, hopelessness and despair due to a recent loss. Brumit’s inspirational work will give others the courage to heal, whether it is from divorce, widowhood, the death of a loved one or the collapse of a dream.

“Letting Go: Surviving and Thriving Through Life’s Greatest Trials” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Jo Ann Brumit is the CEO and chairman of KARLEE, a contract-manufacturing corporation located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Her advice is frequently sought as a motivational speaker, leadership consultant and advisor on faith-based business ethics. She was awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, a highly prestigious designation given by the president of the United States.

Lindsey Townsend is an award-winning writer and a former women’s magazine editor. She has decades of experience in marketing, copywriting and publishing. She currently writes a Voices column and blogs for the Dallas Morning News. 

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