Dog detective keeps adventure rolling, teaches children proper behavior

In the humorous children’s mystery “Zoopy the Jack Russell Pet Detective” Robert Villalobos and Linda Shackelford create a colorful world where an investigative dog hunts for a friend’s special bone and learns the importance of social etiquette

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"Zoopy The Jack Russell Pet Detective"

"Zoopy The Jack Russell Pet Detective" by Robert Villalobos and Linda Shackelford

In “Zoopy the Jack Russell Pet Detective” (ISBN 1475143486), Robert Villalobos and Linda Shackelford have crafted a humorous children’s mystery about the exploits of a highly intelligent Jack Russell terrier.

Known as Zoopy, the spunky little dog decides one day to become a pet detective to find and recover a special bone for a friend. She lives on a Texas ranch where she watches over all the other colorful characters on the property.  Among her companions are Armond the armadillo, Bongo the bulldog, Silly Sue Squirrel and the horses Lightning, Remo and Bosco.

Zoopy still lives with her dog parents as well as Sammy the Cat, Henry the Rooster, Fred and Farty fish and even Alu the alien. One day, her neighbor Olaf the basset hound comes to her, pleading for help. Olaf’s very special bone has disappeared and she cannot locate it. The ever-reliable Zoopy decides to take up detective dog work and track down the whereabouts of the rare bone. 

Her investigation will take her on many loopy adventures and humorous expeditions as she begins to gather more clues and follow a number of leads. Her detective work takes Zoopy to the Desert Dog Ranch where she will encounter the most unexpected finding of her young adult dog life. What she learns about the bone will provide her with a new and important lesson in environmentally responsible behavior. 

“Zoopy the Jack Russell Pet Detective” is a children’s book full of adventure that also offers lessons in ethical behavior. Intended for ages 9 and up, the book’s outlandish characters never fail to teach good behavior and proper action, while still detailing the uproarious hijinks they get into in and around their Texas ranch. 

 “Zoopy the Jack Russell Pet Detective” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Robert Villalobos and Linda Shackelford divide their time between Southern California and Baja California Sur in Mexico. They have two dogs, Ruby and Zoopy, a Jack Russell terrier.

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