Cutting Edge celebrates tax season with upbeat protest song

The popular indie band isn’t hiding their feelings towards the mismanagement of America’s government in their new release “F--- The IRS”

(PR NewsChannel) / March 20, 2012 / MIAMI, Fla.  
Cutting Edge's single cover for "F--- the I.R.S."
Cutting Edge’s single cover for “F— the IRS”

April is known for Easter, spring break vacations and of course, Tax Day. April 15 has become one of the busiest mail days in the United States as individuals everywhere scramble to get their tax information turned into the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Indie band Cutting Edge is letting the world know exactly how they feel with their single “F— The IRS.”

Despite its powerful message, “F— The IRS” contains no profanity, just a message that will make listeners think about what direction this country is headed. Despite hard financial times, lead singer of the indie band David Pesnell knew people who owed a significant amount of money to the IRS. In Pesnell’s eyes, the IRS had become a monster that was spinning out of control.

“People are afraid to challenge the system,” Pesnell says. “We need to be looking for an answer or solution, not fearing a system that continues to grow out of control.”

Pesnell believes “F— The IRS” will become the rock, party anthem that ignites a revolution of change against the controlling monster that is the IRS and government organizations. In fact, since the beginning, Cutting Edge has been all about making a change and standing up against large organizations.

In 1997, Pesnell, his late wife Liza Pesnell and William Zimmerman came together in the same Compton, Calif. recording studio used by hip-hop artist Dr. Dre to record a humorous song about politicians dancing. “D.C. Shuffle” was given to a couple hundred people in the music business as well as family and friends of the group, but the single quickly took off, exploding on the college music scene and dance charts. Cutting Edge was born, playing hits written by Zimmerman and Liza and recording on Pesnell’s label, Thunder Quest Records.

The indie band tasted success with hits like “Your Love is My Oxygen,” “Love Police,” “Every Time I Try,” “If the Walls Could Talk” and “Without You.” As their hits climbed the charts, Cutting Edge found themselves having a hard time landing any media coverage. Due to their indie status, no one would mention how “Without You” and “If These Walls Could Talk” hit No. 7 and No. 11 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart in the same week.

Despite their status and success, Cutting Edge hasn’t grown out of their humble beginnings. The indie band’s latest album “Censored by the U.S. Government” will be available for digital download for $2, and tickets to see Cutting Edge live stay within the range of $10 to $20.

“It’s not about seeing how much money we can make from this,” Pesnell says. “It’s about making powerful music that people enjoy.”

The lyrics by Liza Pesnell speak to the heart of every listener, touching on love, hunger problems, financial issues and even death. When Liza Pesnell lost her battle with cancer in 2004, she left her husband and fellow band member the ultimate reminder of her talent and love for them. Three days before her passing, she penned “Losing You” about passing away and watching her husband, friends and family from above. To this day, Zimmerman has never listened to the song since it was recorded and Pesnell has only listened to it a couple of times.  The band has never performed the song in concert, even though some music industry professionals feel it will be a massive hit song.

About David Pesnell: David Pesnell is a music producer, indie music label CEO and lead singer of the indie band Cutting Edge. His responsibilities also include overseeing day-to-day business operations of Thunder Quest Records and Magenta Rose Music Publishing. His proprietary music blueprint has empowered Pesnell to go beyond thresholds normally achieved by independent music labels and bands.

About Cutting Edge: The pop/rock band was formed in 1998 by Liza Pesnell, David Pesnell and William Zimmerman. Cutting Edge’s discography includes six successful albums and two EPs. The band has successfully gained notoriety in numerous magazines and music publications including Billboard Magazine. Several of the band’s songs include “Love Police,” “Judas of D.C.,” “Every Time I Try,” “It’s Time,” “If The Walls Could Talk” and “Without You,” which topped the Billboard Singles Sales Chart simultaneously. Thunder Quest Records also produces dance remixes on all their pop and rock releases with underground mixers and producers such as DJG, DJ Zilos, Ricky Ric, Giuseppe D and Johnny HDZ.

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