Watch out Facebook! to be revealed next week

UNTHINK, in secret development for almost four years, is set to unveil details about the site, heralding a ‘social revolution’ that will emancipate social media.

(PR NewsChannel) / September 1, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 

facebook problemsTwo weeks ago, UNTHINK burst into the public eye after nearly four years in secret development and immediately picked a fight with social media giant Facebook.  Since then, reporters and tech bloggers have been searching for details about UNTHINK. The closely guarded secret will finally be revealed next week, UNTHINK has confirmed.

UNTHINK first announced its existence in a video that challenged the unfair and deceptive business model on which Facebook, Google+ and all existing social media platforms are based: ensnaring users with the ‘illusion of free’ and then subjecting them to a litany of abusive practices as the sites seek to make money on their users’ backs.

UNTHINK then released three humorous videos illustrating Facebook’s virtual housing bubble and demonstrating that people build Facebook profiles without realizing that everything they do on Facebook is CONTENT that Facebook owns.

The first of these ‘Facebook Follies’ demonstrates that Facebook can delete a user’s account – the user’s online home, along with all the user’s content and relationships, at any time without cause or explanation.

The next video depicts a group of friends attempting to watch a football game as Facebook constantly interrupts them with ‘social ads’ based on their conversations.

The third video in the series continues the housing crisis metaphor by depicting the intrusiveness of Facebook’s endless redesigns.  All of the videos are available on UNTHINK’s YouTube channel.

Today, UNTHINK released a video created by renowned sand artist Joe Castillo that illustrates the philosophy behind UNTHINK.

Facebook’s fundamental problem is its exploitive business ‘logic’, and UNTHINK’s new video explains the importance of replacing an exploitive brand with an extraordinary brand.  Many of the world’s systems are collapsing because they were based on an outdated ‘win-lose’ business logic that sought profit at any cost by exploiting consumers.  In these insecure times, UNTHINK believes that brands have a duty to step up and provide direction, treating their customers as stakeholders.  UNTHINK was built on these principles. is founded on an innovative legal structure and a win-for-all business model that restore OWNERSHIP and FREEDOM to people.


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