UNTHINK.com unveiled today

UNTHINK social media, in secret development for almost four years, launched in private beta today
(PR NewsChannel) / September 16, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 

social networkingAfter almost four years of secrecy, UNTHINK.com has been unveiled.  The public can explore the site to learn more about the “social revolution” and request invitation codes to sign up.

In an email sent to early adopters who have pre-registered, UNTHINK announced:  “During the initial stages of our beta, we are letting in a few people at a time to enable us to get more personal feedback. Soon UNTHINK.com will accelerate the distribution of invitation codes, so expect to receive yours within a few days or weeks.”

In the meantime, UNTHINK’s extensive public pages allow everyone to explore and understand what UNTHINK is before choosing to sign up. Unlike other social media platforms that greet users with a gateway and ask them to sign up in blind faith–without knowing how the site works or intends to make money–UNTHINK’s public pages explain everything with total transparency.

UNTHINK (www.unthink.com) first announced its existence in late August and immediately challenged the alleged deceptive business practices of social media giant Facebook and its ilk. UNTHINK is a legal, economic and technological innovation that moves the market in a completely new direction, exposing the exploitive nature of the existing paradigm. UNTHINK is a social revolution that heralds the arrival of Web 3.0.

While Web 1.0 was an exciting innovation, it limited users to passive browsing of content.  This shortcoming spurred the shift to Web 2.0, which empowered us all to become content-generators through tools like blogs, wikis, and social media sites. However, Web 2.0 is plagued by information overload and a flawed business logic. Users, who provide the free labor, are denied ownership of their own content and have become the product harvested by each site.

As award-winning digital strategist Bilal Jaffery wrote in Social Media Today, “Anyone can create content on sites like Facebook, but that content effectively belongs to Facebook. The more content we create for free, the more valuable Facebook becomes. We do the work, they reap the profit. Same story with Twitter, Xing and other networks… The landlord has all the control.”

Just as any innovation addresses the shortcomings of the existing paradigm, Web 3.0 will return control to the users, reduce the noise, and unclutter our lives by organizing and filtering the chaos of Web 2.0.  It will blend our online and offline worlds and bend Web 2.0 rules to our collective will.  Web 3.0 will be our servant, not our master.  This is the vision behind UNTHINK.com.

To return control to the people and restore their ownership and freedom, UNTHINK created a radically different legal and economic framework that obligates the domain to serve only as facilitator. The UNTHINK Deed, Emancipation Covenants, and Privacy Policy are as revolutionary for social media as the open source movement was for software development. UNTHINK upgrades USERS to OWNERS.

To unclutter our lives, reduce the noise and enable us to organize the chaos, UNTHINK created the ALL-IN-ONE networking Suite. The UNTHINK Suite saves people time by integrating all the functionalities of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and much more. It is a universal tool that is customizable to satisfy individual preferences and save people time. In a new video titled “UNTHINK Suite Tour” released today, Kate – an animated character – guides us through a tour of her Suite.

To blend our online and offline worlds, UNTHINK created a user experience that is true to life.  Inside a Suite, people can form relationships just like they do in real life.  They can follow, friend, connect with people, and subscribe to brands, keeping their public, social, professional and lifestyle conversations separate. They can even cluster their contacts for more granular sharing. Their Suite adjusts to each person viewing it, allowing Suite owners to present themselves appropriately and reveal only what they want.

To bend web rules to our collective will, UNTHINK created a transparent and win-for-all economic model, steering the market away from the opaque win-lose Facebook model.  People are guaranteed transparency in how UNTHINK.com makes money.  They are assured that UNTHINK is aligned with their interests and will never seek to profit by exploiting them. No ads, not now, not ever, will bother Suite owners, who are guaranteed quiet enjoyment of their Suites. UNTHINK not only allows people to maintain their FREEDOM, but is also truly FREE.

Are you an Unthinker? And would you like to lead this revolution? Go to UNTHINK.com and pre-register.


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