PR NewsChannel creates press release template to make PR writing easier

(PR NewsChannel) / November 16, 2010 /  

Along with the press release template, the newswire provides tips for crafting winning press releases.

TAMPA, Fla. / To aid with writing, PR NewsChannel today released a press release template to help businesses produce their own press releases.

“PR writing really is an art,” says Patrick Flanary, director of operations at PR NewsChannel (, the news release distribution company.  “It looks so simple, but really it is not.  But a press release template makes it a bit easier.”

Having a press release template helps arrange flow.  By presenting your press release in a recognized format, a business projects a professional image to reporters and to the public.

Here are two other tips before starting to follow the press release template:

1.  Read like a newspaper article
The Internet has helped redefine press releases.  While the press release format may not differ, press releases these days are not only read by reporters buy by the public.  The news release should should sound like a newspaper article, not a piece of marketing copy.

2.  Write using key words
Besides following a press release format, PR NewsChannel suggests establishing two sets of key word phrases before even sitting down to write a release.

“Sure your press release will be read by humans, but in order for it get to a place for a human to see it, it needs to be written with key word phrases in mind.

(This news release, for example, “press release format” as the key word phrase.)

Press Release Template


CITY, State, Date / First paragraph which should explain what the release is about and why the news is important.

Four supporting paragraphs.
-at least one quote from a company rep
-explain the benefits or unique nature of the news
-talk about the need this product fills or the significance of the news
-unless you are releasing the news of the century, keep the press release to one page
-Only use facts
-Opinions ALWAYS need attribution; opinions should be in a quote or attributed to a source

Links to downloadable materials:
-include links to high resolution photos, logos and pdf’s.

About Company:
Usually one brief paragraph.

Contact Person
Company Name
Telephone Number
Email Address
Website address

Direct link:


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