Two best friends discover their men are deadly rivals in new urban fiction

In “Love Is…,” M. Eliot delivers a cautionary tale about two women in their 20s who discover too late that the men in their lives are actually fierce rivals

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"Love Is..."

"Love Is..." by M. Eliot

In “Love Is…” (ISBN 1477612246), M. Eliot pens a gripping novel about how an intense pair of young relationships turns into life-or-death scenarios. This urban fiction follows best friends Debra and Jasmine and the men in their lives, Debra’s husband, Darren, and Charles, Jasmine’s former boyfriend and the father to their five-year-old son.

Darren and Charles used to be best friends, but a mysterious set of circumstances makes them bitter enemies, a fact they hide from the women in their lives. The men’s rift not only puts them on a collision course but will ultimately test the limits of Debra and Jasmine’s friendship.

Tension quickly mounts when Charles discovers he is being tailed by Darren, while driving home from work one day. With some quick maneuvering, Charles eludes Darren but he now knows the man is a threat to his survival. The two men will plot to take each other out, and their actions will reveal a series of secrets that not only pull Debra and Jasmine in, but upend everything they thought they knew about their relationships and their men.

“Love Is…” ultimately shows how everything done in the dark will eventually be brought to light. Madly in love with their men, Debra and Jasmine slowly come to realize that by giving so much of themselves, they have opened themselves up for destruction.

A gripping romantic thriller set in a young, African-American environment, this tightly written novel reveals how every action comes with unintended consequences. Ultimately, its female protagonists will have to grapple with the extreme vulnerabilities in which their love for their men has placed them. Magnetic and suspenseful, “Love Is…” will appeal to all readers of urban fiction interested in mystery and love.

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About the Author: M. Eliot was born and raised in Washington. This is the 34-year-old author’s first published book, something he considers an unusual achievement given that he has never taken writing classes nor attended college. Eliot began writing “Love Is…” as a tale that many women could relate to, with its dramatic presentation of what it means to be in a relationship with a man whose background is not fully understood.  

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