Spiritualist prepares world for December 21, 2012, beyond in new memoir

Offering a glimpse into the world of life after death, spiritualist Dr. Kimberley L. Smith reveals what is hidden from mankind about our world and other worldly dimensions in “Knowing: A Spiritual Medium’s Work with the Dead and the Living”
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"Knowing" by Dr. Kimberley L. Smith

In “Knowing: A Spiritual Medium’s Work with the Dead and Living” (ISBN 1470050587), spiritualist and medium Dr. Kimberley L. Smith shares her relationships with people both dead and alive. As a medium, she has the unique ability to communicate with the spirits of the departed, some of which are ancient spirits.

In her memoir, she discusses the unique world of the dead while interweaving her psychic predictions, theories and philosophies on life and living, both now and in the future. As she explains in “Knowing,” her talents as a spiritualist and medium have revealed new and old truths yet to be shared with the world. She plans to slowly introduce mankind to these truths over a span of several books she is writing.

Welding religion, science and philosophy into one coherent whole, Smith invites readers to ponder that the world of spirits is not as supernatural or far from us as most would think. She shares a cycle of reincarnations however and thinks that as imperfect beings we are given many chances to come back again and learn the lessons we missed.

In “Knowing,” Smith asks readers to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life and proclaims that world leaders have not told the public all they know about aliens. Smith sees herself as the spokesperson for the human race. A longtime student of ancient civilizations and the theories surrounding the Mayan calendar, she prepares readers for what may await them on December 21, 2012. Smith is seen by many as a modern day “Oracle or Nostradamus.” Bold in its predictions and compassionate and personal in its tone, this memoir seeks to open the eyes and minds of its readers to untold possibilities and prepare them for what is yet to come. Smith stresses that this book is an important one for all of mankind.

“Knowing: A Spiritual Medium’s Work with the Dead and the Living” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Dr. Kimberley L. Smith is a renowned spiritual teacher and psychic medium. She holds advanced degrees in science, psychology, addiction counseling, life coaching and metaphysics. She uses her visions and unique talents to assist and inform others in their life journey.

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