Exercise addict recounts her battle with bulimia in new memoir

Driven by an eating disorder, Louisa Rae Hobbs nearly exercised herself to death, an experience she details in her powerful new memoir, “Holy Gym”
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"Holy Gym"

"Holy Gym" by Louisa Rae Hobbs

In “Holy Gym” (ISBN 1466394617), Louisa Rae Hobbs recounts a painful addiction to exercise that, coupled with bulimia, nearly left her for dead. At 50 years of age, Hobbs became addicted to exercise, haunting the gym with the religious devotion of a zealot.

Hobbs’ twice-daily visits to spin bikes, free weights and Zumba classes took a toll her body, even as she spiraled into a total dependence on the gym. When her husband whisks her away on a two week vacation out West, Hobbs panics and suffers anxiety attacks the entire time. Even as the majesty of mountains and forests surround her, she remains so upset about her separation from the gym that she takes Xanax to quell her anxiety.

Confronted with a major problem, Hobbs began journaling her vacation in an attempt to emotionally survive it. Along the way, she discovers much about herself and realizes she must change her ways. She begins to confront her bulimia and obsession with exercise. With just her husband and the open road, Hobbs begins to clearly see the connections between her eating disorder and her gym addiction. She understands that she treats the gym like a church of fitness, finding herself at the center’s doors before it opens in the morning and often pedaling and pumping away as it closes at night. 

With the help of her husband and two doctors, Hobbs begins to see how destructive her lifestyle has become, including her brush with death in the spring of 2008. She even learns how to enjoy herself on vacation, educating the reader about Grand Teton National Park and the sights of Jackson Hole and Santa Fe. Readers of “Holy Gym” will rejoice as Hobbs makes her epiphany that her life is not worth either her bulimia or her exercise addiction. 

“Fitness just gives people like me a reason to be manic about exercise. It’s addicting behavior because of the natural high it gives you,” says Hobbs. “A lot more people are addicted to it than they think. If there is a heaven, there will be no gym in it.”

“Holy Gym” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Louisa Rae Hobbs is a director of a global public relations firm who earned a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She is a recovering exercise addict and bulimic. 

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