New guide helps organizations foster healthy, productive workforces

“Workplace Wellness: Performance with a Purpose” by Dr. Rose K. Gantner offers a blueprint for engaging all parties to make safer, healthier choices
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Workplace Wellness

"Workplace Wellness" by Dr. Rose K. Gantner

“Workplace Wellness: Performance with a Purpose” (ISBN 0615536506) by Dr. Rose K. Gantner offers a strategic road map that reveals why and how to build and/or strengthen an existing wellness and health management program with what she says has proven outcomes for organizations of all sizes.

A pioneer in wellness and health productivity, Gantner begins with a science-based premise: healthy employees are more likely to be motivated high performers who demonstrate passion, purpose and resilience. Only they can make a company more productive and give it a competitive edge, she says. Only they can save employers money in the long run.

Leaders cannot create internal motivation for employees, according to Gantner, but they can build a corporate culture that promotes healthy actions and alternatives.

“It is up to senior leaders to provide a safe, supportive and trusting environment with policies that contribute to reduced smoking, healthy nutritional habits and managed stress levels,” says Gantner, whose UPMC programs have won the highest National Business Group on Health awards for three consecutive years.

“Every workplace also should promote physical activity,” she says. “People work best when they feel good about themselves and their environment.”

In “Workplace Wellness,” Gantner offers what she says is the key to success: a blueprint that helps companies of all sizes increase participation in proven programs and empowers all parties to make choices that maintain good health or improve unhealthy behaviors. Gantner presents new approaches for sustainable behavioral changes, including positive psychology techniques that play to the strengths – not weaknesses – of individuals, teams and organizations.

“Workplace Wellness: Performance with a Purpose” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dr. Rose K. Gantner is a health and education expert with more than three decades of experience in leadership positions that span behavioral health, managed care, wellness and employee assistance programs. She has taught at three universities and served as a health management consultant to state government agencies, private organizations and commercial groups. She holds a master’s degree in health education from the University of Pittsburgh and a doctorate in counseling psychology from Auburn University. Gantner appears in the World’s Who’s Who of Women. She received the U.S. Department of Defense award for serving two tours in South Vietnam for the American Red Cross as an executive program director.

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