New novel depicts protagonist as next step in biotechnological evolution

“Tabula Rasa Technique” by Moscow C. Wilson features a uniquely gifted woman possessing abilities beyond the limits of the human mind and body
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"Tabula Rasa Technique"

"Tabula Rasa Technique" by Moscow C. Wilson

“Tabula Rasa Technique” (ISBN 1467928771), a novel by Moscow C. Wilson, tells the story of Analise Thibaud, a classically-trained ballerina caught up in a mysterious chain of circumstances that reveal her to be one of a select group of powerfully gifted individuals.

When Analise’s lover, Rowan Harrison, reveals a key that he says offers insight into the future relationship of humans and technology, he begins a strange series of events that will call on all of Analise’s remarkable gifts to unravel. Her perfect photographic memory helps her to remember and interpret a chain of clues, enigmatic messages and cryptic symbolism that lead her to discover her surprising membership in a small and select group of technologically augmented humans. She still does not know whom she can trust, resulting in dangerous and deadly confrontations with other powerful individuals with nefarious motives.

“The story blends the complexities of the human mind and human spirit with substantial adventure and action,” says Wilson. “The idea of technological augmentation cuts to the core of questions of free will and what it means to be human.”

The first in a planned series of three books, the novel pursues questions of philosophy, mathematics and science in a fast-paced, action-packed plot. Written to engage and entertain, it is intended for those who enjoy cerebral, high-tech adventures.

“Tabula Rasa Technique” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Moscow C. Wilson is a teacher and author. While growing up in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Wilson is currently residing on the New York’s Upper East Side. She studied communications and creative writing in college before launching a career in news production at ABC News in New York City. She returned to school to earn a master’s degree in elementary education and currently teaches elementary school in Brooklyn, N.Y. “Tabula Rasa Technique” is her first novel in a planned three-part series.

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