Special Forces soldiers fake their death to fight terrorists in new thriller

Navy SEALs and Delta Force soldiers go underground in America to take on dirty bomb smugglers in Rusty Haigh’s new thriller, “Justice”
(PR NewsChannel) / March 20, 2012 / SOUTHINGTON, Conn. 

"Justice" by Rusty Haigh

Rusty Haigh’s “Justice” (ISBN 146994345X) begins in Pakistan alongside an elite unit of Special Forces on a black ops mission to take out Osama Bin Laden. But before they can find public enemy number one, their plan is leaked to a reporter who publishes it on the front page of the New York Times sans the real reason for the mission. As a result, the soldiers are ambushed and most of them slaughtered. The five soldiers who survive and escape are determined to find and punish the traitors who sold them out.  

The survivors fake their deaths on the battlefield and return to the United States under assumed identities. In their search for the traitors who undercut them, the team is called on to disrupt several planned terror attacks on American soil.

Like a well-honed assault machine, every member of the underground unit brings a special ability to the forefront. Navy SEAL Russ Stone, a former lieutenant commander, is the team leader who is joined by Art Throwing, a SEAL sniper, and fellow SEAL Norm Staples who is famed for his ability to nimbly sneak up on enemy forces. At over six feet tall, Les Waters is an imposing African-American recruit from the Army’s Delta Force who knows how to dip into shady locales to perform local reconnaissance. Rounding out the team is medic, technology geek and communications expert Shelton Marchant who hails from the U.S. Air Force Special Forces.

Working outside the law to neutralize America’s enemies, the teams will scrape through many harrowing adventures, such as an escapade at the Mexican border where they break up a cell of Iranian terrorists attempting to smuggle in dirty bombs. During their journey, the team will expand to seven when they link up with a CIA agent as well as a seductive female assassin, who recently retired from the Israeli Mossad. Together this team will have the brains and brawn to derail the enemy in any locale. AWOL, rogue and underground, this group of rebel forces will show that to win against the bad guys, you have to play dirtier than they do. 

“Justice” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Rusty Haigh retired in 2004 after 45 years in the elevator industry. Over the past 20 years, he has been crafting stories for his own enjoyment and is now eager to share his work with the public.

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