New social network UNTHINK receives massive media coverage in first days of launch

National TV, top tech blogs report on the Beta launch

(PR NewsChannel) / October 30, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Mass number of tech blogs and mainstream media outlets are chronicling the launch of UNTHINK, the new underdog social media website that waged war on Facebook and Google+ this week.

From leading tech blogs like TechCruch and AllThingsD, to mainstream media outlets such as Fox News, CNN and local news stations, the media are reporting on UNTHINK.

“The David versus Goliath story has been featured around the world and in hundreds of websites, magazines, newspapers and television,” says Glenn Selig, founder of The Publicity Agency, the PR firm that represents UNTHINK. “The proverbial plot on the social media story has thickened.”

With 800-million followers, Facebook is a giant. UNTHINK launched as opinion polls show record high dissatisfaction and discontent with the social networking giant because of the privacy issues and frequent changes.

“Until now many have largely ignored the warnings about Facebook because there was no alternative,” says Selig. “I believe that is just part of what makes this such a powerful story and why there is such interest among media outlets.”

“Unthink is the kind of startup that could only come from outside of traditional tech hotspots like Silicon Valley or New York, as there’s a certain level of audacity… that you need in order to think you have a shot at displacing social networking giant Facebook and all of its 800 million users.”

MSN Tech & Gadgets:
“Just when you thought you had signed up for all the social networks you needed to be on to have friends, be hip and sound professional, a new service is getting off the ground hoping to out-do all the rest.
“Unthink is the newest social network out there, launching in public beta this week. It’s designed to be the ‘anti-Facebook,’ going against everything that the addictive conglomerate stands for.”

Rolling Out:
“Here’s why the prospect of Unthink or other social media entity eventually dethroning Facebook as the king of social media could materialize, though it will be undoubtedly an awesome undertaking:
“Facebook users covet the attributes of the site, but they decry the sinister way the braintrust of Facebook [mainly Mark Zuckerberg] has made personal information available to unknown entities in cyberspace.
“Facebook users have complained incessantly about clandestine changes in the infrastructure of the cite and lack of notification of its many implications to its 800 million users until after it has already been implemented.
“And then, once the changed have been infused within the structure, they mainly leave it to users to figure out themselves the methods they must undertake to protect themselves from vulnerability and unwanted entries into groups, etc.
“Facebook users are unsettled by a lot of the confusing esoteric language [small print] purposely designed to bewitch users into not discerning how much of their sensitive information can be intercepted by other users or cyberspace predators.
“UNTHINKER’s credo is that prospective users are not users, they’re owners. Unthink is not in control, you are. It even has its own manifesto, deeds and covenants. That is a very attractive attribute to privacy advocates.”

Digital Trends:
“As we see it, Unthink faces an inconceivably difficult uphill battle against Facebook and Google+. At the same time, however, Unthink’s servers are, at the time of this writing, completely overwhelmed by the bombardment of traffic headed to the site today. While some may see that as evidence that the company is unprepared for the big leagues, it at least shows that people are interested in a Facebook alternative – something we saw in droves with the launch of Google+.”

“Even Google has struggled to pull users away from Facebook where, despite complaints, users have appeared willing to deal with occasional privacy concerns in return for a convenient online hangout populated by all their friends.
“But if even a small percentage of those users choose to abandon ship for the “revolution,” it may be enough for Unthink to declare victory.”

Washington Post:
“In a completely different vein, UnThink is in just the right position to tap into the frustration of the global youth who participated in the Arab Spring, and those in the U.S. who are putting their support behind Occupy Wall Street.”

“For Unthink or any other challenger to succeed, they have to get a critical mass of users. That’s going to take more than a spunky YouTube video and some attitude. If a critical mass of users decides to migrate to Unthink, then it has a chance to succeed. But how to get the critical mass?”

Voice of Russia:
“A look at the new Facebook-killer. Facebook may soon be toppled by a new social networking giant in town, Unthink, which calls itself ‘anti-Facebook.’”

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Before bursting onto the social media scene about two months ago, UNTHINK had been in secret development for nearly four years. is now in public BETA launch and is by invitation only. Once inside, anyone can invite an unlimited number of people to join them.

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