iPad game video website offers gamers ability to view real game play before they buy

Appvidyo, an iPad game video website, allows gamers to view actual gameplay footage for free to ensure satisfaction before buying an app

(PR NewsChannel) / August 7, 2012 / SACRAMENTO, Calif. 

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AppVidyo offers free videos of gameplay so gamers can see what they are getting before they buy

With more than one million apps currently available in the Apple iTunes store, finding a quality iPad game to play can be difficult. A new website now exclusively offers high quality iPad game videos of available paid games, for free, ensuring users aren’t wasting their dollars on boring games.

Appvidyo allows gamers to experience a potential paid game by seeing actual game play before purchasing the app. Gamers can visit the site and search or scroll through hundreds of different iPad games and see an overview of each title as well as multiple videos depicting key aspects of each game.

“We decided that it would be useful for people to be able to see actual gameplay footage of what a paid game is like before going through with purchasing it, as long as there wasn’t a free version,” says Kabir Mohammed, CEO of Appvidyo.

The team at AppVidyo felt real game play website was necessary due to the extreme popularity of mobile gaming on iPads, iPhones and other devices. After finding a mix of either poorly made videos or sites that were focused more on advertising than gamers, a simple and straightforward site offering free high quality videos of gameplay soon became a reality.

“Our motto says it all. We try it before you buy it. No crazy ads or pop ups; just a clean easy to view interface that gives gamers exactly what they want,” says Tim Loden, Appvidyo’s Creative Director.

Appvidyo updates the site daily and encourages users to post their own opinions of games and make requests for future content. They hope the result of their website will make purchasing a quality game more than just a coin flip.

For more information, visit http://appvidyo.com

About Appvidyo: Appvidyo gives gamers and potential app buyers high quality iPad game videos and reviews of all the latest and greatest paid iOS apps before you buy them. The Appvidyo website was built on a sleek platform without advertisements or popups, allowing allows users to experience a game before they buy (or not)! Their motto is “we try it before you buy it.”

Tim Loden
Creative Director
Phone:        (916) 920-4730
Website:     http://appvidyo.com

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SOURCE:  Appvidyo

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