Tech journalist asserts his new book is first authoritative account on smartphones

Majeed Ahmad chronicles the ascent of iPhone and Android, and how the smartphone turned into the biggest game changer in the IT world
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"Smartphone" by Majeed Ahmad

Thanks to iPhones, BlackBerrys and Androids, the mobile phone industry is exploding, and the common thread in these iconic devices is smartphone, the first disruptive technology of the 21st century. In “Smartphone” (ISBN 1461033152), Majeed Ahmad provides a detailed analysis of this communication upheaval to help readers understand the holistic view as well as gain a thorough grasp of the product and technology roadmap.

The smartphone is at the epicenter of the mobile revolution as it transforms the retail, banking, travel and entertainment industries, just to name a few. In the book, Ahmad explores how convergence of the two fastest-growing communication technologies of all time – mobile phones and the Internet – would make possible all kinds of new services and create vast new markets as consumers started logging on from their Internet-capable phones. Moreover, “Smartphone” provides an exhaustive treatment of all major mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, Symbian, webOS, Windows Phone 7, etc. The book also recounts the demise of PDAs and the fall of Palm, which have been direct outcomes of the disruption caused by the smartphone.

The book documents how Nokia failed to win dominance in an industry that it sowed with its own hands. It also ostensibly charts Microsoft’s decade-long bid to define the smartphone market and why it failed to replicate the success it achieved in the PC business. A detailed treatment of the rise and fall of RIM’s BlackBerry is another prominent highlight of the book. Ahmad states that his intimate description of all the key players – including processor-centric hardware fight between ARM and Intel – makes “Smartphone” the first book that provides wearing detail on all major aspects of the smartphone business.

The smartphone battle, Ahmad writes, is moving from devices to ecosystems, which include not only the mobile hardware and software, but also apps, m-commerce, search, advertising, location, social networking and many more things. The book also claims that the smartphone story is much bigger than the PC. Readers will find out how Steve Jobs shaped the post-PC era and how a new computing order is taking life of its own on a platform defined by web-connected portable computing devices like the iPhone and the iPad. After recounting the smartphone’s rich history, fundamental building blocks and business development cycle, Ahmad attempts to develop a crystal ball, concluding where this technology is headed.

Consumer electronics, IT and wireless managers, analysts, app developers and retailers looking to explore m-commerce bonanza could benefit from “Smartphone” to gain a sense of what worked and what didn’t.

Ahmad mixes his professional experience as a journalistic storyteller with the views of a technology industry insider. He hopes his ability to communicate technology concepts in an easy-to-understand way allows non-technical readers to fully understand concepts in “Smartphone.”

“Smartphone” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Majeed Ahmad has been a technology and trade journalist for more than 15 years. He is the former editor-in-chief of EE Times Asia, a sister publication of EE Times. For EE Times Asia, Ahmad also wrote the “Net Effect” column, which covered convergence among various facets of the electronics world. As editor-in-chief at Global Sources, a Hong Kong-based business-to-business publishing house, Ahmad also spearheaded titles relating to consumer electronics, computers and telecommunication.   

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