Anova Technologies adds OptiVault, a sub-1 microsecond encryption system, to its arsenal of ultra-low latency network solutions

Physical Layer 1 Encryption demo will be held at the 2011 FIA Options & Futures Expo
(PR NewsChannel) / October 10, 2011 / CHICAGO 

Anova Technologies, a custom optical engineering firm, will demonstrate its newest ultra-low latency solution at the 2011 FIA Options & Futures Expo.  This service will protect sensitive data as it travels between exchange matching engines, adding mere nanoseconds to the round-trip latency.

“As the premier financial connectivity provider, our commitment is to provide the lowest latency networks and tools in the marketplace,” stated Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies.  “Ultimately, with the preponderance of electronic trades along with the sheer volume of HFT, we observed a very real and growing threat of vulnerability in the data transport mechanism.  Our newest product, OptiVault, fills this void of susceptibility.”

Data centers and Carrier Points of Presence (POPs) have tight security in their facilities.  However, there is a huge gap of network exposure that exists at all points where the fiber travels over public ground, creating opportunities for individuals with relatively unsophisticated physical devices to tap in and compromise confidential data in transit.

“Clients can be blind to the fact that their system has been infiltrated, as many of these techniques do not even cause a change in optical light levels.  We’re talking about devices that are the size of cell phone, non-electrified and most disconcerting, unnoticeable even using IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems).  All of this, coupled with the fact that they can be inserted at ‘soft’ sites such as telephone poles or manhole splice points in the streets and railroads, and you’ve got the potential for a serious breach to manifest at some point,” continued Persico.

Historically, the real conundrum has been the debate of security versus the overhead induced by adding industry standard encryption methods.  As the low latency wars rage on, firms have been forced to ultimately choose faster connectivity over best-in-class security.  By comparison, a traditional Layer 3 or software-based encryption typically adds 200-300 microseconds to a path.  For exchange-to-exchange metro connectivity, this is untenable as the encryption would double or triple the round trip latencies involved.  OptiVault solves this challenge with its sub-one microsecond overhead for Layer 1 physical encryption and setting a new standard for trading data security.

“Essentially, what we’ve done is created the best of both worlds for our customers by providing not only the shortest path, but also the ability to be completely secure, without compromising their need for cutting- edge speed,” remarked Kieran Athy, CTO of Anova Technologies.  “This service is a natural extension to Anova’s current product set, and synergistically supports our goal of graduating all aspects of our clients’ connectivity to nanoseconds.”

This service is offered starting November 1, 2011.

About Anova Technologies: Anova Technologies is exclusively concentrated on HFT and algorithmic trading clients.   Our prime objective is to implement best-in-class exchange connectivity.  With the fastest routes connecting global trading venues, Anova Technologies consistently delivers the ultimate trifecta to its clients – ultra low latency, accessibility, and ease of deployment.

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