Drew Peterson demands apology from Illinois State Police

Peterson says case of missing Washington mother who disappeared nearly two decades ago under ‘suspicious’ circumstances and just surfaced shows such a thing can, and often does, happen.
(PR NewsChannel) / December 13, 2011 / CHICAGO 

Drew Peterson demands apology from Illinois State Police after another woman, Judith Bello, a mother who disappeared 18 years ago, is discovered alive in California (KCAL 9 News-Los Angeles).

When the Illinois State Police made public statements that Drew Peterson’s wife, Stacy Peterson, was “missing and presumed dead” it immediately focused attention and cast suspicion on him, but Drew Peterson has always believed that Stacy is still very much alive and he deserves an apology.

What prompted the demand for an apology is the case of a Washington State mother who had been missing for 18 years until just this month.  Judith Bello vanished under suspicious circumstances but just voluntarily resurfaced after being featured in a cold case story. 

Back in 1993, Judith Bello failed to pick up her three year old child at the daycare center after work and just vanished.  Police found her car abandoned at the local post office later that day and she left no word with her family.  Suspicion was cast on her husband because they were having marital difficulties. Police at the time said that it was unlikely Bello would voluntarily leave because she was a good mother and was close to her family. 

It turns out that’s exactly what she did.

This case shows that “there are a lot of reasons why people go missing, and not all of them are bad,” Snohomish County Sheriff’s chief Kevin Prentiss told a local newspaper. “Sometimes people just don’t want to be found.”

And that’s point, according to Drew Peterson.

His lead criminal defense attorney says what the State Police did was just plain wrong.

“There is a huge cloud of suspicion cast over Drew Peterson because of the Illinois State Police’s statement that Stacy Peterson is presumed dead; however there is absolutely no evidence to support that statement,” says Joel A. Brodsky, Drew Peterson’s lead attorney. “They made it seem like no woman, no mother, would ever just disappear, but as this most recent case shows, it does happen. In fact it happens more often than you would think”

In fact Stacy Peterson’s own mother disappeared when Stacy was a youngster.  “In Stacy’s mind disappearing may be ‘normal,’” says Brodsky.

Peterson has not been charged in Stacy’s disappearance. He is in jail awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen, which was ruled an accident at the time of her death. Peterson vehemently denies any wrongdoing in both cases.






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