Novel showcases real life devastation left behind after Ponzi scheme

Jim Flinchum intertwines real life events with adventurous characters in his fictional crime novel, “Paybacks: A Tale of Ponzi Schemes and Families”
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"Paybacks" by Jim Flinchum

The Bernie Madoff scandal made headlines around the world, and affected many thousands of men, women and children. Those who felt the pain caused by Madoff spoke often with hurt and anguish on what to do next in their lives. After listening to a Madoff victim, Jim Flinchum, a lifelong financial advisor, highlights a fictional Ponzi scheme and its devastating consequences in “Paybacks: A Tale of Ponzi Schemes and Families” (ISBN 1466282541).

After two disastrous investment decisions, financial advisor Bill Seagraves finds himself running a Ponzi scheme. He never planned on running a Ponzi scheme, because they are always certain to fail, but he continues to steal while planning for the day it inevitably implodes. One son manages the books, while the other hides money overseas, and not a single soul feels bad about it – even when a client in Florida named Jeff Franklin ends his life over his financial losses.

After the suicide of his father, Eric Franklin struggles to deal with the cold emptiness inside of him. Eric drifts from being a waiter in Washington to being a sniper in Afghanistan. When he returns from his stint in Afghanistan, he finds himself face-to-face with the youngest son of the man who turned his whole family’s life upside down. Then, when a psychopath nicknamed The Giggler becomes a legal client of Eric’s older brother, Josh, things take a turn for the tragic.

“Hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to Ponzi schemes annually,” Flinchum says. “My book may be entertaining, but it will also educate readers. It shows how heartbreaking the consequences of these criminal schemes really are. They will learn how to avoid becoming a victim!”

As a financial advisor to millionaires, Flinchum has seen the fear individuals have over accidentally falling into a Ponzi scheme trap. He uses his experience to create a thrilling yet heartfelt novel on the effects of Ponzi schemes.

“Paybacks: A Tale of Ponzi Schemes and Families” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Jim Flinchum is a retired senior vice president from a major bank. He has degrees from Old Dominion University, the College of William and Mary and the University of Dallas. Flinchum also is a former Special Forces officer and expert marksman, a former city councilman and gubernatorial appointee in two different states, and he has served as president of the local Chamber of Commerce. He currently manages the investments for millionaires from Maryland to Florida.

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