Former FBI, Teamster monitor describes notorious Teamster Hoffa’s death in authentic story

Terence F. McShane worked for the FBI investigating Hoffa for nearly a decade and shares the gruesome account of his death in “The Death of Jimmy Hoffa”
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The Death of Jimmy Hoffa

"The Death of Jimmy Hoffa" by Terence F. McShane

Jimmy Hoffa is one of the most controversial figures of the late 20th century, and his disappearance and presumed death are as famous as his criminal record. In “The Death of Jimmy Hoffa” (ISBN 1463575351), Terence F. McShane brings the death of one of the most notable men in American history to life.

As a former FBI agent and Chairman of the Board of Monitors of the Teamsters, McShane brings the truth about Hoffa’s disappearance to the forefront, and details the gory last moments of Hoffa’s life. McShane includes the specifics of his murder as well as what McShane says is an incredible account of the disposal of Hoffa’s body in a sanitation compound outside of Detroit.

Most readers will remember Hoffa’s infamous last public moment as he entered a car with known mafia and Teamster leaders in 1975, unknowingly, for the last time. While his body was never found and a gravesite was never listed, rumors swirled about Hoffa’s final resting spot. One rumor even claimed he was buried under the goalposts of the N.Y. Giants’ home stadium in New Jersey.

Through arranged meetings originally set up through a crusading Jesuit priest, McShane met with the East Coast Teamster official. McShane says he confided the step-by-step answers that describe how Hoffa was killed, where he was killed and where and how his body was disposed.  McShane includes every detail involved in this bizarre and mysterious saga and also brings up Hoffa’s relationship to the Kennedys, as well as seldom noted good points in Hoffa’s life.

McShane explains that while this is not the first book on the death of Hoffa—either by honorable writers or by attention seekers claiming to have murdered Hoffa, to have assisted in destroying his body or both—it is the only authentic account.  

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About the Author: Terence F. McShane is a native New Yorker who graduated from Cardinal Hayes High School and St. Bonaventure University, where he served as President of the National Alumni Association.  McShane entered the service of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1951.  After transferring to New York, he was assigned to the major case squad, spending nearly a decade investigating James (Jimmy) Riddle Hoffa. He took Hoffa through wiretap trials, and worked alongside the renowned Jesuit labor priest, Father Philip A. Carey, S.J. who liaised for the FBI. In the 1960s, McShane was appointed to the Board of Monitors of the Teamsters, and was eventually appointed chairman. This allowed McShane to have constant contact with Hoffa and other Teamster officials, and gain considerable insight into the internal operations of the Teamsters.

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