Facebook changes: rival UNTHINK, social media users react

One blog says the Facebook changes are the final straw just as UNTHINK social media prepares to open to the public.
(PR NewsChannel) / September 21, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 
Facebook changes

UNTHINK highlighted the problem by poking fun at Facebook’s frequent changes in a video released earlier this month on YouTube.

A headline on the ABC News blog: ‘Facebook Changes Look – and Everyone Hates New Ticker.” From CTV in Canada:  “Facebook takes flak for latest changes.’

The Baltimore Sun ran a headline:  “Facebook changes baffle users and more are on the way.”

And how about this from Cafe Mom:  “New Facebook Changes are the Final Straw.”

“My current newsfeed is a barrage of complaints, there was just a 10-minute bitch-fest in my office that cut into valuable work time, and remarks on the Facebook blog have been extremely negative,” writes Nicole Fabian-Weber on Cafe Mom.  “As one commenter stated, ‘Lame. Quite frankly I don’t want Facebook deciding who is most important in my life. I want my news feed to just go chronologically and if I want to hide posts from someone, I will. Stop changing. You’re becoming and I left there for a reason.’ Me-ow!

The timing is impeccable.  UNTHINK, a Facebook rival, opens to the public in weeks and just as the outrage mounts against the Facebook changes.

“Social media is at a crossroads and today’s Facebook changes absolutely underscore that point,’ says Natasha Dedis, UNTHINK social media founder and CEO. “We have no control  and they remind us of it every day.”

UNTHINK.com burst onto the social media scene earlier this month calling out Facebook for its “endless changes.”

UNTHINK released a challenge video and told Facebook that ‘the gig is up.’  And that the message is:  the world has had enough of the Facebook changes.

UNTHINK (www.unthink.com) has since received national and international attention from TV, print outlets and blogs including a review today by the Chris Voss show, another by Internet Revolution and an extensive write-up in AllThingsD.com, a tech blog owned by Dow Jones, earlier this week.

Poll: Facebook changes

A poll in Mashable today shows more than 70-percent “hate” the Facebook changes.

Just under 14-percent “Love” the Facebook changes.  And about the same number simply don’t care about the Facebook changes.

And these latest Facebook changes have everyone talking.

“Are we going to continue building on Facebook’s dictatorial domain? Are we going to continue building our virtual houses on lots we don’t own? Or, are we going to burst Facebook’s bubble and regain our autonomy, ownership and freedom?” asks Dedis.

UNTHINK highlighted the problem of Facebook changes by poking fun at Facebook’s frequent redesigns in a video released on YouTube earlier this month.

Facebook changes

With headlines like “Is UNTHINK the Un-Facebook” and “Should Facebook Fear UNTHINK?”, some news outlets have portrayed the brewing battle between Facebook and UNTHINK as a David versus Goliath fight.

The latest Facebook changes sort of ups the ante.

To return control to the people and restore their ownership and freedom, UNTHINK created a radically different legal and economic framework that obligates the domain to serve only as facilitator. The UNTHINK Deed, Emancipation Covenants, and Privacy Policy are as revolutionary for social media as the open source movement was for software development. UNTHINK upgrades USERS to OWNERS.

“Until now people didn’t have a choice.  That’s exactly why we created UNTHINK, to give people a real alternative, a choice. It is up to you. If you think Facebook is invincible, unthink it.  YOU gave Facebook its power and YOU can take it away,” says Dedis.

UNTHINK Corporation is a technology company based in Tampa, Fla. UNTHINK is not a start-up. It was founded on April 22, 2008 by successful entrepreneurs with experience in re-inventing markets, and is supported by a dedicated team of more than 100 cutting-edge techies and rebels. It is a product of the foresight of its founders who three years ago realized that social media was headed in an alarming direction. UNTHINK.com is a social media revolution. It is built ON purpose WITH purpose to better serve people and brands, empower them, and make their lives easier. It disrupts existing market ‘think’ and shifts social media in the direction of Win-for-All.


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