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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we're asked most frequently--along with the matching answers. They're in video too... High Definition (HD) video hosted on Facebook. Just look for the video icon .

Table Of Contents:

  • Press Release Distribution Questions
  • Press Release Writing Questions
  • Common General Questions
  • Press Release Distribution

    Watch Facebook HD Video Q: I'm new to press release distribution. How does the distribution process work-can you explain it?
    Press release distribution can be overwhelming at first. But the good news is here at PRNewsChannel we're experts at it and we'll help you every step of the way. In a nutshell, journalists signed up to receive distributions from PRNewsChannel for specific categories of press releases that are on "their beats." When you place a distribution order, we examine your news and distribute the release to the appropriate journalists. Your release goes directly to the reporters, editors and talk show bookers-not to a general email inbox.

    Watch Facebook HD VideoQ: How do you compare to the more expensive press release distribution companies?
    The customer service you receive from us is unparalleled in an industry consumed with "mass" distributions. We will guide you through the process and help you succeed. It sounds cliched but we believe your success is our success. We want you to come back again and again. Other than that, the only difference between us and the big distribution services is price. We charge a whole lot less for a whole lot more. With a database of 450,000, we reach as many or more media decision-makers. We also don't restrict or charge more to distribute to multiple categories of journalists. We also have built an extensive online distribution through strategic business partnerships. We encourage you to give us a try. We think you'll be impressed with our personalized, courteous and professional service. And, oh yes, you'll also be pleased with the results.
    Watch Facebook HD Video Q: Some distribution sites charge so much more than you do-so they MUST be better, right?

    There is a marketing concept that if you charge more for something people actually think it is better (i.e. shampoo and designer clothing). We could double our prices, but we want to make this affordable for entrepreneurs and small businesses. So, yes, some sites charge more. A lot more. But that doesn't make them better.

    Watch Facebook HD Video Q: What about those free distribution sites, why should I pay for it if I can get it for free?

    If your goal is to get as many links to your site, then those sites are wonderful as an additional outlet for distribution. Sending a press release through those free sources can't hurt and certainly can only help. But they should be thought of as additions rather substitutions. If you're trying to target media outlets and reporters, editors and show bookers, the free distribution will produce little or no results. Overall, the quality of press release that goes through those sites is marginal at best. What reporter is going to pick through all that in hopes of finding something newsworthy? Contrast that with the quality that runs through PRNewsChannel. Conventional wisdom will say if a company has something worthwhile to say they will spend some money to get the word out. If you're unwilling to pay for distribution, then perhaps the news you're trying to disseminate is not worthy of a press release in the first place.

    Watch Facebook HD Video Q: Can you guarantee me national media attention?
    The truthful answer is no. And no other company can either. What we do is take our collective experience and put it to work for you to land you publicity. We do everything in our power to help you succeed. But some of this is out of our hands. We've had great success. Take a look at our testimonials. We include links to the press releases. Call the clients and ask them what they thought of the job we did.

    Q: How much of a reach do you have in Canada?

    We have exceptional ability to reach key news gatekeepers in the U.S., Canada and worldwide. In Canada, we have contacts at virtually every newspaper, television station-network and local, magazines and radio stations.

    Watch Facebook HD Video Q: What's the difference between email distribution and online distribution?
    With PRNewsChannel, email distribution means we send your press release directly to the reporters, producers and show bookers--not to a generic email box. It goes directly to the media gatekeepers. Online distribution, also called direct-to-consumer is a way to bypass traditional media because your release is injected directly into the search engines and available to the public. PRNewsChannel has partnered with Google, AOL, Comtex and Financial Content, they're some of the the biggest and best online content distributors and aggregators. We get your press release into the major search engines like Google and Yahoo!--often within minutes of distribution. Plus your press release may appear on hundreds of other media, business or technology Web sites. And by distributing through us you get the unmatched customer service and guidance.

    Watch Facebook HD Video Q: How do I decide between email distribution and online distribution?
    If your press release is likely to land you free publicity from a reporter who sees your release, then go with email direct. If your press release is more of a news of record announcement, like an appointment in your company, or you want to reach consumers directly, then go with online distribution.

    Common PR Writing Questions:

    Watch Facebook HD VideoQ: Why should I pay your company to write my press release? I went to school and write all the time!
    Yes, press releases are not books. And yes, they seem very easy to write. But boiling an important issue down to just one page is a whole lot easier than it looks. We've written releases for CEOs and even authors! Distribution isn't cheap. So you want to distribute quality.If you can write the press release on your own, that's super! But sometimes it pays to have a experienced pro take care of it for you. It's your call. Just know it's an option.

    Common General Questions:

    Watch Facebook HD VideoQ: Will you provide me a list of everyone you sent the press release to?
    Upon request only we'd be pleased to give you a list of the media outlets where your press release was distributed.Q:  Do you offer bulk pricing?Yes, absolutely. You can buy distribution and writing packages in blocks and save quite a bit of money. Please contact usfor information.

    Watch Facebook HD VideoQ: What payment do you accept?
    We use encrypted pages to process all credit card transactions. We accept virtually every major credit card and PayPal. Our billing system works in the U.S., Canada and other countries worldwide. If you prefer, you can pay by check. But we cannot distribute the press release until the check arrives.

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