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press release distribution servicespress release services -
press release distribution
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Small Business Press Release Distribution

Many small business owners have found that the strategy of using press releases is far more affordable than buying a print or broadcast ad or even using Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing to target consumers. Press releases can target those same consumers for less money.

As a small business, you want to reach investors and business journalists.

Send press releases via email and through our vast Internet network to mainstream media, trade publications and online audiences. Target local, international and vertical markets. Add photos, multimedia, and search engine optimization features.

Press releases sent via PRNewsChannel will be syndicated and may appear within minutes of distribution on:

AOL and AOL Finance
Google and Google News
Trading Markets
Houston Chronicle
Boston Globe
MSN Live

and nearly 1,000 other business and media sites!

news distribution and press release distribution services - PRNewsChannel.comnews distribution and press release distribution services -

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