PReferred® from PR NewsChannel

A rewards program offering discounts and exclusive benefits
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Since most of clients are repeat customers, we thought is was time to reward them!

Our new, optional PReferred® VIP reward program is designed to provide PReferred clients discounts and exclusive benefits.

Benefits: As a PReferred® client you receive:

1. One free, “web only” online press release distribution (Value: $149)

2. 10% discount on all services, anytime, including the Breaking News Desk, Twipitch (Twitter pitching), social media and multimedia press releases and even on press release writing! The savings begin immediately starting with your first purchase.

3. Half off premium media monitoring. (save $50)

Cost: PReferred® annual membership: $250

Should you join the PReferred® program? If you engaged in a press release campaign that averaged just one online press release a month for 12 months and made no other purchases, you’d save a minimum of $327.80–that’s like getting more than two online press releases FREE!

Contact us today to enroll or call 888.399.5534 for more information!