Media Monitoring

PR NewsChannel BreakThrough Report™ provide numbers and data so you can track and analyze performance.
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We offer a broad spectrum of Media Monitoring services. Media Monitoring is available with each press release distribution and can be expanded to brand management as a whole.

BreakThrough Report

Following your press release distribution, we provide reporting. We call them BreakThrough Reports™.

BreakThrough Reports™ show how much you’ve moved the ball toward your goal. They show how your press release is performing and your message is resonating.

Included with every distribution: We show you where your press release has turned up on the Internet, including links.

For email distributions: We will provide you a list of where PR NewsChannel sent the press release.

View sample BreakThrough Report: BreakThrough Report™

And there’s more reporting that’s possible…

Reputation, Topics Monitoring 

For additional fees, we provide monitoring across all media platforms: TV, radio, print and Internet so you can follow your brand’s reputation, identify trends or keep an eye competitors.  We offer a video clipping service that monitors media all over the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and other countries as well as a robust online search mechanism and print clipping service via LexisNexis®.