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Golf Training Aid Helps Golfers With Their Short Game

Get in 2 the Ring improves aim and builds confidence.

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 7-year-old Nicholas Clark works on his short game using the ring.

PR NewsChannel) / December 1, 2007 / Dayton, Ohio – A new short game training tool helps young golfers take strokes off their short game by improving aim and building mental confidence.

The device is called “Get in 2 the Ring.” It's a short game training aid created by a father to help his son play better golf.         

“The short game is where most people lose strokes—especially youngsters,” says Jason Clark.  “Everyone should learn to play golf from the green to the tee, and the ring instantly builds confidence and makes practice fun.”

The new golf-training aid is six feet in diameter.  It’s collapsible, portable and is designed to be used during practice.  It literally creates a ring around the hole to give kids a larger, more realistic target.

“The goal when chipping and lag putting is to get the ball into the ring,” says Clark.  “It’s a lot less intimidating, and really develops a good feel for the speed on each shot.”

Before using the ring, Clark’s 7-year-old son Nicholas had difficulty competing because he lost so many strokes during his short game.   But once he was able to visualize a good shot using the ring, his confidence immediately increased and his strokes decreased.  Now, Nicholas is a two-time U.S. Kids Southern Ohio champion and competed the past two years in the U.S. Kids World Championship. 

“Ninety-percent of golf is mental and if you can improve confidence your game automatically improves,” says Jason Clark.  “Get the ball close to the hole, and it’s usually only one more stroke needed to sink it.” 

The simple, yet effective device is winning praise. 

“Of all golf products I have used, this has to be one of the best,” says Jim Rue of the Jim Rue Academy of Instruction for the Banco Mercantil Golf Camp for Champions in El Junkito, Venezuela.  “The ring will add a tremendous dimension to any golf academy, golf school or golfer looking to lower scores.”

Get in 2 the Ring costs $29.99 plus shipping and handling and is available online at

About The Ring:  The Ring is a device that creates a ring around the hole on the green to give youngsters a larger target.  The Ring improves the mental game, which experts say is 90% of the game of golf.

Interview Requests:  Jason Clark is available for television, radio or newspaper interviews.

Contact:  Jason Clark or S. Patrick Wheat
Phone:  (937) 248-3192 or (937) 478-5812
Web site:
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