What We Do

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We help you get noticed online and/or by the news media.

Whether you are a small-town mom and pop store looking to generate buzz in your community, a national firm that needs worldwide attention or something in between… PR NewsChannel is the effective press release distribution service that you can count on.

As a powerful global press release newswire, PR NewsChannel is:


The results we deliver are PRoven. Just look at the client feedback we’ve received after using our newswire service!

While no press release distribution service can ever guarantee a reporter will call, we can guarantee that your press release will appear online, on third party media sites–thanks to our vast syndication network. (Our expertise includes search engine optimizing (SEO) releases to boost your chances for success.)

We are PRoficient at what we do. Want to prepare for the best time send out a release? Or do you have a crisis that requires your news to get out immediately? No matter the urgency, our team of specialists has been trained to enhance your information and get it to the media members and outlets that are most likely to pick up your press release!

And the moment of truth…

PR NewsChannel is PRiced-right. We don’t add any silly charges like membership fees, word-limit fees, or extra costs for multimedia add-ons. We understand that you need an effective press release distribution service at an affordable price, and that is exactly what we are offering!

Think we’re just blowing smoke? Call us and quiz our experts! We PRomise, that where there is smoke, there is fire. But instead of burning a hole in your wallet, blaze a trail to more publicity!

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