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Press Release Distribution Media Outlets

The PRNewsChannel database is filled with 450,000 names of reporters, editors, producers and booking agents working for the world's largest and smallest; general interest and specific interest media outlets. Below is a list of some of those media outlets:

News Wires

Bloomberg Wire
Reuters (US)
Scripps Howard News Service
United Press International
UPI News from
AP-Associated Press

Broadcast Media Outlets

Fox News
National Public Radio
Pacifica Radio
PBS Online NewsHour

US Newspapers' & Magazines

The American Conservative
Arizona Republic
Baltimore Sun
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
Chronicles Magazine
Colorado Springs Gazette
Dallas Morning News
Denver Post
Detroit News
Editor and Publisher
Hartford Courant
Harvard Political Review
Human Events
Houston Chronicle
Indianapolis Star News
Insight Magazine
In These Times
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Los Angeles Times
Manchester Union Leader
Miami Herald
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Mother Jones
The Nation
New American
New York Daily News
New York Post
New York Press
New York Times
Orange County Register
Orlando Sentinel
Pacific News Service
Rocky Mountain News
Sacramento Bee
Salt Lake City Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
San Jose Mercury News
Seattle Times
St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Petersburg Times
Time Magazine
USA Today
Village Voice
Washington Post
Washington Times
Special News Sites

Online News Sites

Ahead News
The American Reporter
Bulletin Webzine
Capitol Hill Blue
Drudge Report
Etherzone News
Free Republic
Freedom Forum Online
GlobalVision News Network
Independent Review
Jewish World Review
Mother Jones
One World News
Polyconomics/Supply Side Investor
Progressive Review
Rational Review
Salon Magazine
Slate Magazine
Spiked Online
SpinTech Magazine
Strike the Root
Texas Mercury
World Net Daily
World Tribune

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