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We just read about a survey conducted by a PR manager and national newspaper journalist Iain Fleming to determine which PR distribution methods work and which don’t.
He heard from a small sample of British journalists (granted not US based but the UK and America is not all that different in this respect) and found that [...]

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Online press releases offer a great way to create online buzz for a book and to reach consumers directly and can be a huge component for book marketing.
One of most frustrating things that authors and publishers face is getting news media outlets to plug a book. It’s not easy getting a book to roll [...]

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The video brings to life the content of the message


Some companies buy ads.  Others purchase billboards.  But many of today’s savviest businesses are using ‘press’ releases as their chief marketing strategy, according to the press release distribution company
“The term ‘press’ implies the news media, but the Internet has put a whole new twist on the press release,” says Justin Herndon, director of publicity [...]

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