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Measuring production, quality over quantity: Day 9

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One of my first days at my internship I recall sitting with my supervisor and her explaining to me the importance of measurement in PR. For a PR practitioner, one of the aspects of representing a client is generating publicity for them. One of obstacles of doing this is being able to measure the results of the strategies that went into that.

Prior to even generating a campaign or strategy for the publicity; the client needs to provide a clear set of objectives that they want to accomplish.

Ultimately a client wants to know that hiring a PR firm or individual practitioner equaled the money, time and efforts spent.

Was the money spent worth it?

Did the time the client spent educating them on their needs and product make it worth it in the end?

How much effort did the client have to contribute in order to help them to complete the objective?

Unsolicited advice from me to you day 9: Practice your writing skills. Although you are not studying to be a journalist, as a PR practitioner you should be as skillful in your writing as possible. I like to watch a short news segment and then write a very brief story or article about. IT doesn’t take much time and it helps me a little bit each time I do it.


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