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Semester update and PR disasters of 2011: Day 8

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Hello fellow interns, I hope that everyone is having a great semester. So far mine has had its highs and lows. There have definitely been some moments of frustration; however it’s up to me not to allow that to hinder my progress. I am happy to report I am getting good grades so that is always a plus! I am currently enrolled in principles of public relations, introduction to advertising, beginning reporting and communication law. My favorite class this semester is principles of PR, but I am also really enjoying communication law. It is so critical that we as communication professionals are aware of how much we can do and our rights under the First Amendment.

What classes are you taking?

Are you keeping up with PR around you? In my one of my classes, a few of us were discussing our thoughts on the biggest public relations disasters of 2011. The top three replies that we came up with were Kim Kardashian’s marriage flop; Anthony Weiner’s inappropriate text messages; and there was a tie whether the Penn State scandal or Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” shenanigans were the biggest disaster.

Obviously there were more critical disasters than the ones we chose. I think those are just the ones that appealed to us as students.

What do you think the biggest PR disasters of 2011 were? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.

Unsolicited advice from me to you day 8: Stay informed about the world around you. Social media is keeping us on track with quite a few things that go on around the world, but that is not enough as PR professionals or even as individuals. Stay up to date with local, national and world news. It is so important to be a well-rounded individual that stays knowledgeable.


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