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6 Press Release Writing Tips To Add Steam To Your Press Releases

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Whether you are writing it for your ebusiness or for other company, it is very important to remember that press releases are not like sales letters or ordinary articles. The tone, the content, and the overall structure are very much different.

You need to understand that you can’t sound too pushy and that you can’t just write anything under the sun. You must be able to touch on something newsworthy before you create a press release.

Here’s how you can add steam to your press release writing:

1. Write like a news reporter. You can create better press releases if you think of yourself as a news reporter.

Remember, time is of essence and the content of your copies must focus strictly on facts. You cannot insert embellishments or fillers. You must deliver facts as they are (yes, you cannot interpret the facts).

2. Content structure. The structure of your press release is very much similar to that of a news story.

You must use the inverted pyramid technique where you need to offer the most important information on the first paragraphs of your content and you end it up with those least important details or supporting facts. The first few sentences of your copies must answer the when, why, what, where, and who questions of your readers. 3. Keep it short. Your press release must run one page max.

You can keep it concise and short by avoiding using fillers and lengthy introductions all throughout your content. Remember, you are serving people with limited attention span so you better offer them the information they need ASAP. 4. Highlight the benefits of your content. To l

ure more people to read your press releases, ensure that you stress out the benefits that these people can get from your content. If your company has discovered new solutions to their pressing issues, be sure to communicate that.

5. Deliver only newsworthy information. Do not write a press release until you have some important information to share like partnership with other company, milestones that were achieved by your organization, recognition you have obtained, charity event that you are sponsoring, and changes in your leadership structure.

6. Use interesting and attention-grabbing headline. Just like news stories, you must be able to hook your readers through your headline. They must be punchy, well-written, direct to the point, and concise.

Follow these 6 tips on press release writing and you will write more beneficial press releases.



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